HELLO AMERICA!—Hollywood like everywhere else, it seems, is riveted with dealing with those of color: Blacks, Brown, Red, Yellow, you name it, they are all pitted against each other for power as executives, performers, production leaders, you name it when it comes to film or TV development, casting especial when it involves the process of production control. Because there are more Mexicans or Latinos employed at most of the productions companies, the hostility and hidden anger and resentment is intense.

A young Afro American CARL (*who asked if his last name is not logged), who has been employed at one of the major studios in Hollywood, made it very clear that based on the addition of thousands of those from places like Mexico, locations of South America have been eagerly given major positions on the film lots of the industry.  “Human Resources reps, who by the way, comprise mostly of, and or Mexicans provide and protect their own.  This kind of consideration simply built up resentment from Afro-Americans, Asians and all the other different cultures represented on the lots.”

There seems to be a general opinion that studios are more eager to employ BROWN, YELLOW people than those representing Afro-Americans. One associate director “Halsey” didn’t hesitate to voice his observations and opinion. “With the current employment process, it seems that the intention is to keep the different groups of color at odds. This, of course only deepens the general hostility that many of the political outside groups are deeply determined to accomplish.  Let’s face it, our country is at war when it comes to ethnic groups and those of power are the ones who benefit if they can keep this ritual of hate and resent fresh an alive. It is really a damn shame.

An Afro-American character actress insisted that the only time she had decent dialog was when a film was produced concerning the Black Community. “If the location of the story,” she vented, took place in Harlem or Compton, the dialog even then rippled with gutter English and serve a mentality representing a low class, uneducated group, trapped on a possible street of poverty and danger which has always been the literary reference since the primitive days of theatre and when the cameras focused on the magical life experience of Hollywood.”  Sadly, it has continued with some of the best writers of color and performers, a programming which has permeated every social level of society; a death trap for people who are only reaching for hope and opportunity.

Recently, I received a call from a young filmmaker living in England, Jason Humes. His interests is to visit the film industry and document producers, directors, actors even religious organizations representing feelings and attitudes of today, when it comes to different races and millennials; all sculpturing a different face of this new generation of Americans.

Then there are men and women of color being signed as producers, writers and the like who have done very little to change the sad, sick view of people who stem from a slave ship, cotton fields and those who were lynched or burned at a stake for seeking freedom and respect; because of personal greed and a hunger for personal power and acceptance from the dominant group replicate the same things those very people have and are doing to keep certain types of our nation in check. In many instances, Blacks are their own worst enemy!

Then yet organizations such as BET will offer up awards for what they have offered to the arts at large.  Something isn’t right here and it should be focused on whether the Black community likes or accepts it or not. There is a continual programming of ignorance and slime permeating the black community which is destroying opportunity and acceptance because of old and sick ideas which has accomplished very little when it comes to national and even international respect. American theatre and films are greatly responsible for this sick painting of human perception. All people are in the same color bucket and we had better make an effort to change things and reach high to escape the fresh air for survival.