UNITED STATES—Making the right decision plays an important role in the growth of a company. Business owners deploy statistics, use their experience and gut feeling, to come to a final verdict. Though, software like Cloud based QuickBooks Enterprise offers advanced reporting which can help the organization analyse the situation better and improve decision-making to a great extent. Even QuickBooks understood the same and wanted to up their reporting game. So, QuickBooks introduced advanced reporting in all the versions of QuickBooks Enterprise. Just a few clicks and the software present all the information that you need to grow your business. Advanced Reporting is a substitute for the standard reporting tool in QuickBooks. As it is a different tool, it is updated alone and is independent of QuickBooks updates.

Why do you need Advanced Reporting?

The Advanced Reporting tool can create complex reports that are beyond the capabilities of the standard QuickBooks reporting tool. As stated above, it is an independent tool. Companies need to refresh it manually to see the updated data in the reports. All this stuff can be carried out by a service provider like Apps4Rent if your QuickBooks is been hosted on the cloud. This makes you free from all the update related hassle and the cloud technology can also be used to carry out tasks. For example, if the company wants to migrate Exchange 2010 to Office 365 then it can be done very easily over the cloud.

Features of Advanced Reporting:

Bundled Templates

Find the report you need with this feature. The tool sorts of numerous reports based on exact transactions. The team at QuickBooks has done an equally good job of customizing diverse reports according to the business needs. For example, a warehouse may need to keep track of sales, profits, and sales forecasting. All such reports are featured on the dashboard for the system.

Ease of Use

QuickBooks has always put effort into providing an easy user interface to its users, and the same is the case with the Advanced Reporting tool. The colorful and visually attractive dashboard is very easy to use, and the users get familiar with it very easily. Users can easily glide their way through the tool to find what they need. With other features such as safety and productivity tools, price changes by class, work order scheduling, inventory management systems, etc., users see the effect of the reporting tool in no time.

Help Portal

The help portal is a whole package when it comes to providing reporting support or if you wish to learn more about the tool. The help portal also includes easy to understand how-to-videos, case studies, tutorials, and documents to help you understand the tool better.


The Advanced Reporting tool in QuickBooks Enterprise is a multipurpose solution. The application is well-suited with numerous industries such as manufacturing, accounts, and more so that any business can use it regardless of the industry type. Also, there is an option to create customized reports from scratch with charts, graphs, images, and other data.

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