CALIFORNIA—The alleged drunk driver of a Black Dodge Charger who collided into several parked cars on Saturday, August 22— near the intersection of Hillhurst and Los Feliz, will not be prosecuted.

The incident was shot on video by witness Katy Wicker, around 4 p.m. of the driver falling and staggering in the street after exiting his vehicle as police approached him.

Katy Wicker said in reports “Oh my gosh he was completely intoxicated.”
“I mean everything that you learn about what a drunk person is like, he showed every sign of that from slurring his words to not being able to stand up straight he couldn’t walk a straight line,” she said.

According to Police Officials, legally filing charges against the driver, would not stick, because the driver was never given a field sobriety test or a blood test.

The Los Angeles Police Department is still conducting an internal investigation into the matter to determine why the driver was not given a field sobriety test. The driver’s Dodge Charged was towed from the scene of the incident. There has been no report of injuries or fatalities from the driver or owners of the vehicles. Owners of the vehicles were instructed to report the issue to their auto insurance companies.