UNITED STATES—An altercation took place at a campaign rally for former Vice President, Joe Biden on Thursday, August 29 in Greenville, South Carolina. Biden was speaking about a new policy that will take place under the Trump administration that ensures that the United States is not burdened with the financial responsibility for terminally ill undocumented immigrants.

Biden highlighted that children who are terminally ill will be deported. In his speech, he was speaking of children who have always lived in the U.S., not undocumented immigrants.

“Like every bully in history, he’s trying to make himself seem stronger by picking on the most vulnerable of Americans”, said Biden. He went on to say that he thought it was sinful, to which the crowd cheered.

A Trump supporter standing at the back of the room with reporters made a comment that some news reports noted, “He is the best President that ever lived.”

Fox Carolina News posted video footage via Facebook of a man in a white T-shirt that said, “Liberty” across the front approaching an individual who was wearing a navy blue Trump hat.

The Biden supporter can be seen on video swearing at the Trump supporter with his finger in his face telling him to get his a** out of there.

The Trump supporter responded with foul language. Both men were escorted out of the rally without further ado. The rally took place at the Stanton Bridge Community Center.

A heated argument broke out between a President Trump supporter and a Joe Biden supporter during the former VP's town hall in Greenville tonight.

Posted by Fox Carolina News on Thursday, August 29, 2019