PITTSFIELD, MA—While protesting Tuesday, September 8, a fight ensued between counter protesters, leaving an unidentified Trump Protester injured on the Coltsville intersection of Merrill Road and Dalton Avenue.

The incident started with pushing and shoving, eventually ending with punches, when the  the Trump supporter was laid out on the ground, concussed and momentarily motionless.

As the man lay motionless on the ground, a woman stood over, yelling at him.

The incident was filmed on the cell phone camera of an unidentified person, who caught almost the entire fight and the eventual result. The video spread through social media and received attention from multiple sources.

According to local authorities, Lieutenant Gary Traversa, an off-duty police officer, was nearby and came onto the scene, but no arrests were made. Police are still investigating the matter to determine what started the altercation.

“Once patrol units arrived on scene Friday,” Traversa said. “They remained, and no other problems occurred.”

The unidentified gentleman was taken to a hospital with only minor injuries, and reportedly was alert and conscious on his way there.