SANTA MONICA—Both Amazon and game developer Kong Studios Inc. announced plans to add office locations in Santa Monica. The city of Santa Monica reported on its website, the move will help the local workforce and add to an array of technology, game development and corporate job opportunities.

“The expansion of Amazon and Kong Studios are welcome additions for job creation and a promising sign for our city’s economic growth,” said Santa Monica’s Economic Development Manager Jennifer Taylor. “As we navigate the lasting impacts of the pandemic, economic recovery remains a priority for the city, and we’re pleased to see these positive trends in new business activity that build on our talented local workforce.”

Amazon will open a new “tech hub” in Santa Monica as part of the company’s growing presence in Southern California, including plans to lease office space in Irvine and San Diego. Slated to open mid-2023, the new Santa Monica site is the company’s largest lease in the area and will bring more than 1,000 new tech and corporate jobs to the region. Amazon signed a deal to rent a 200,000-square-foot space at the Water Garden business center. The complex already houses an office for Amazon Studios.

U.S. game developer Kong Studios Inc. announced plans to relocate its headquarters from Nevada to Santa Monica. Kong Studios aims to increase creation of its next high-profile game, expand its Intellectual Property and the role of its headquarters.

Technology and innovation lead Santa Monica’s economic sectors, currently employing over 29,000 people with an average quarterly payroll of $1.95 billion. The city is has tech companies such as Snap, Inc., Hulu, and Oracle and renowned game development companies like Naughty Dog. For resources for potential and current businesses, visit