WOODLAND HILLS—Amazon announced on Tuesday, July 14 that it’s launching Amazon Dash Cart, a high-tech shopping cart, to allow customers to skip the checkout line and save time when doing grocery shopping. The Dash Cart will first be used in the Woodland Hills location this year.

The high-tech cart combines computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion to identify items when customers drop them in the Cart. Customers who want to use the Dash Cart need to have both an Amazon account and a smartphone with an Amazon app. By scanning the QR Code through the smartphone, customers can sign in their account and begin shopping. The sensors on the cart will identify the items whenever they’re placed in the Cart.

The Amazon Dash Cart also features a screen at the top of the Cart where customers can access their Alexa Shopping List to check items and view their subtotal. The scanner on the Cart allows shoppers to quickly apply store coupons when they’re shopping. For fresh fruit or veggies which have no barcode on it, the Cart can weigh the items and calculate the total price immediately.

In addition, customers can directly skip the checkout line, roll through the Dash Cart Lane, and return the cart without waiting in line for checkout. The payment will be processed via customers’ credit cards on their Amazon account and customers will get a receipt via email.

The Amazon Dash Cart is specifically designed for small- to medium-sized grocery trips and can fit two grocery bags. The entire grocery trip can be done by using only a Cart. It is the latest high-tech service Amazon provides to customers after the company opened cashier-less Amazon Go Grocery in Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City.