HELLO AMERICA!—Millions of Americans sat shocked listening to President Donald Trump’s rhetoric concerning Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. His put-down of the nation’s highest and most powerful investigative agency, the FBI was something which rocked folks from coast to coast. Documentary filmmakers from coast to coast had their new-aged cameras rolling at every point. Without a doubt, it was another time to be remembered.

Remembering how Trump disrespected England’s Prime Minister Theresa May, later totally treating their 92-year old Queen Elizabeth as if she was simply a passerby, lifting his head in the way many of us remember Mussolini did during the second World War and worst of all, how he raised his hand in the same way Hitler did when welcoming his applauding German crowd, as they yelled “Sieg Heil” was totally overwhelming.

People! Something is definitely wrong; no matter how one rationalizes it, our government is slowly being taken over by those who hunger for a throw-back to the era when those who control money, business and the ordinary lives of the working class population of this nation. Sadly, there exists a Trump base who fit that description believing that he and those who support every move he makes in Washington is to their benefit. Even though his dominant base in Congress are seeing that taxes passed benefit the wealthy of our country, still they refuse to open their eyes to the truth. This is how and why millions of poor, struggling working class human beings ended up dying on one battlefield or another. The families, of course, are made to feel patriotic, holding up a flag when their love-ones are placed six feet under. Three of my family members ended in that ritual process and I remember it well.

The general reaction from some Republicans has been somewhat tame; making excuses, but quietly indicating their political support. It is amazing!

Former Gov. Christie Whitman called on President Donald Trump to resign Monday after he appeared to accept Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election.

The reaction was the strongest, but not the only criticism from New Jersey Republicans, while Democrats struggled to find harsh enough words to condemn Trump.

Whitman, a former EPA administrator who has become an increasingly harsh critic of Trump, said on Twitter that he “should be ashamed.”

“To deny your own country and government in favor of a foreign leader whose country has, for decades, tried to undermine the United States is irrational and dangerous,” Whitman wrote. “Please step down, you are not fit to lead this great nation.”

I strongly disagree w/ statement that Russia did not meddle in 2016 election. With all I have seen on House Intel Committee & additional indictments of 12 Russian officers last week, it is clear Russia’s intentions. President Trump missed an opportunity to hold Putin publicly accountable.

Paul Ryan contradicts Trump: ‘No question that Russia interfered in our election’

“The behavior of the past week is just jaw-dropping,” Murphy said. He added that “we will pay a price” for Trump’s attack on long-standing and effective institutions.

Sen. Bob Menendez used “jaw-dropping” to describe, on Twitter, his reaction to the Trump-Putin appearance.