UNITED STATES—I honestly cannot believe that the hit reality competition series “American Idol” which was cancelled by the FOX network after airing for nearly 15 seasons. Well, it only took a year for another network to pick-up the hit series, however, the question of the hour remains: do we really need it? My personal thoughts, I don’t think so. I mean the world of reality signing competitions exploded shortly after “American Idol” arrived on the map; everyone wanted to be it, but there could only be one “American Idol.” So that begs the question, why was it cancelled?

Well, it lost its mojo, the judges who made the show so popular got bored with the talent; the viewers saw the same thing year after year, without much variation, just more singing talent with different faces. Once Simon Cowell exited the panel of judges, I was certain the show was a goner. Why? He brought a lot the excitement to the series, making people wonder what he would say and how harsh he would say it.

After the departure of original judges Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, the series went through judge overload bringing in BIG NAMES hoping to attract the viewers back to the foray. However, you saw more of a clash of egos, um, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. Watching those two divas go toe-to-toe in the middle of talent was hilarious, but the same time very uncomfortable to watch.

By now many of you are aware that ABC has picked up the rights to bring the series back to the air, and they are actively working to recruit judges for the panel. Rumors swirled that “American Idol” alums Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson were scouted, however, those ladies have signed up to join upcoming season of the NBC hit “The Voice.” So much for having those who made the show relevant return to coach new talent! Now it has been revealed that pop star Katy Perry will be one of the judges on the upcoming season of “American Idol.” I do believe that is a wise choice. A bigtime musician is indeed needed to bring the audience back into the mix.

However, the problem with bringing a franchise that many assumed had run its course is what other names or star power could join the revamped series to make it must-watch TV like when it first arrived on the scene? I’m not certain, but I made the argument quite some time ago, that “American Idol” needed to shake things up if it wanted to stay relevant with viewers and the current trend of celebrity judges which became the newest crave in the signing competition

Oh, viewers should not be surprised that former host Ryan Seacrest is being recruited heavily to return as master of ceremonies. I mean this guy is already the busiest guy in showbiz and he recently announced that he is the new host alongside Kelly Ripa. That’s a gig that is at least 4 days per week, “American Idol” will shoot in Hollywood, and “Live with Kelly and Ryan” will shoot in New York. That’s a lot of air travel people. Even Seacrest will get burnt out doing that back in forth for several weeks.

I think it will be interesting to see how things turn out with the series on a new network. Perhaps ABC will do some new things with “American Idol” that will make it the talk of town once again. It was once the series all people could talk about, so I can’t wait to see if the series rises to the occasion or crashes and burns.