HOLLYWOOD—“American Sniper” is proving to be a force to reckon with for moviegoers. The acclaimed war flick which has caused much controversy and debate maintained its grip on the box-office earning around $64.4 million in its second week in theaters. The film has already grossed more than $200 million. I would say it’s safe to say, before it ends its run in theaters the movie will earn around $350 domestically.

Grabbing the #2 spot was the Jennifer Lopez thriller “The Boy Next Door” with $15 million. For a flick that only cost $4 million to make, its safe to say the flick is a success. “Paddington” is proving to be a hit with audiences earning another $12.4 million to its tally to nab the #3 spot. After two weeks in theaters the family film has already earned over $40 million.

Landing in the #4 spot is the Kevin Hart comedy “The Wedding Ringer” with $11.6 million. While not the hit, that many expected it to be, the film is holding steady numbers at the box office dropping a little over 40 percent in its second week.

Rounding out the top five was the action-flick “Taken 3” with $7.6 million. After three weeks in theaters the movie has earned over $70 million domestically. I’m making a prediction tonight that “American Sniper” will maintain its grip on the box-office for a third consecutive week, with little competition from the movies “The Loft,” “Project Almanac” and “Black and White.”