UNITED STATES—Essay writing services have been a godsend to many US students who rely on these companies to help them graduate. Essay writing is a skill that every person should have, especially if they continue studying past high school and even then, you are required to write essays throughout most of your academic career.

However, not everybody is born a writer. Of course, this is a skill you could learn yet for some it is still a difficult task to undergo. It is precisely why the rise of custom writing services have been so prominent over the year. If you do a quick search online, you’ll notice that there are hundreds if not thousands of different writing services available. While some might think this is ‘cheating,’ the truth of the matter is that is entirely ethical as you are acquiring the rights to the papers are writing.

Why do students use essay services?

There are many reasons why American students utilize these types of services. As mentioned, one of the reasons is due to the fact of a “lack of skill” of which outsourcing the work makes absolute sense. If you’re grading on a particular skill that you don’t dominate, then it could adversely affect your final grade. Thus, spending a bit of money on a service that can assist you with a passing grade while not breaking any ethical boundaries is a good idea.

Secondly, many students are simply overloaded with work. In this case, essay-writing services act as a “time saver” either by providing the student with a rough draft of their essay or a fully written essay. Of course, most students “rewrite” the articles they purchase to make it sound like them, however even by doing this you’re saving time regarding research, structure, style and much more.

What are the cons to writing services?

While there are many different essay writing services available, not all of them are equal. Since this is a high-demand service, there are many not so prominent companies that want a piece of the proverbial pie. Thus, they offer substandard essays and overcharge.

Additionally, some teachers believe that essay writing companies are unethical since you’re passing the work onto someone else. However, seeing that you purchase the theme, you obtain all rights to the paper making it yours. Thus, while it might not recommend by teachers, it still isn’t unethical.

Finally, for teachers, the entire point of giving their students essays is to help improve their skills. Of course, if you’re not going to be writing your essay, you’ll never be able to improve your ability. In this case, the teachers are 100% on the money. However, as mentioned, some students merely use the services to do all the heavy lifting regarding research and structure allowing the students more time to refine the paper itself. If utilized in this fashion, you do not hinder your skill progression as you’ll mostly still be writing your paper just outsourcing the parts that take up a lot of your time.

How to properly use them?

To comply with the ethics within your class, we firmly suggest that you use writing service as your ‘first draft’ paper. Not to just purchase and submit it as your work. It means that you’ll have a professional writer provide you with layout, structure, formulated arguments, research and even proper citation.

However, once you receive the paper, use it as your source and rewrite the entire document from beginning to end. Not only will this immediately place the paper in your own “voice” it will also allow you to learn the subject matter of the essay. Thus, you’re only using it to save you time while you still work on the actual paper.

Another thing you should know about essay writing services is that the “less time there is to write the article, the more it will cost.” Thus, another good point to always keep in mind is to reach out to these services well in advance. We recommend at least with a month’s anticipation. With a month, you’ll get the lowest possible rates as well as have time to edit it once it delivers.

How to know that the service you are using is legitimate

Now that you know the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ let’s take a quick look at the ‘where.’ As mentioned, there are plenty of these services available online, and it will be up to you to find the best possible one within your budget.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Refund Policies
  • Customer Service (can you reach out to them?)
  • Customer Reviews
  • Rates
  • Deliverability
  • Range of subjects

Once you are confident that the service you have is legitimate, then utilize these services as recommended above.  Here is CustomWritings.com – a legit essay writing service you can try.