WASHINGTON D.C.—Perhaps there is hope for us after all in the world of politics. With the politicians in Washington now behaving more like the officials at the Vatican instead of elected officials who have to answer to their constituents every four to six years, it seems that Americans are actually waking up and have decided they want to throw all of the bums out of office. What a great idea.

Perhaps we’ll have no more racial epithets and lies hurled at President Obama, but actually use his own liberal policies to get rid of many of the Democrats in Congress who placed their bets with the president and not with the will of the American people. Perhaps the Tea Party’s decline due to their own outrageous behavior is seen now as a negative and certainly not an alternative to the already broken and raucous system we now stand sick and tired of?

Equally disliked and not trusted is the Republican Party, who seems to be hedging its bets on race baiting and then pretending it’s not actually them behind it, is also about to be collectively sent home to lick their wounds and realize that Americans are sick of their games as well. The Republican party can be the party of “no” for so long, before the American people expect to hear answers and not negative responses to the issues we face and will continue to face for decades.

Perhaps Americans didn’t realize that the financial disaster we had almost culminated into a Depression in the autumn of 2008. Perhaps they assured themselves that slogans like, “Yes we can” would dig us out of the fiscal mess we saw building for the previous eight years. America, it’s going to take decades to straighten out this mess. Perhaps the whispers we now hear—that the age for eligibility of full social security benefits may have to be raised again to the age of 70 —will start to sink into our minds. Perhaps this bit of truth would have been taken a lot better by the American people had Congress not created a huge entitlement when they enacted into law President Obama’s healthcare package, which actually digs our fiscal hole even deeper.

Americans have had enough. However, the alternative of racism and lies won’t change the disastrous path of entitlement costs that we will face in the coming years. Now is the time for real Independents in America to stand for our nation and not for the current regime or the one that seeks to take us back to pre-civil rights era America as senatorial candidate Rand Paul spoke of, or the Nevada senatorial candidate’s idea of, “using our Second Amendment remedy to get rid of Congress.” As the nation cares not to return to the era of political assassinations and lynching of African American men of the 1960s.

For the first time in almost two years, there seems to be a calming common theme coming over Americans to say no to hatred and racial bigotry, but also no to status quo politicians seeking power by promising more entitlements that leave our nation economically crippled and less competitive with the growing empires of China and India. Perhaps we can return to taking care of those most needy among us, but those of us willing and able to work and achieve things should not be overtaxed and overburdened so that politicians can continue to be reelected on handouts to those who do not seek to capitalize on being American citizens, and truly the most blessed people on the planet.

Please remember our troops who continue to fight in both Afghanistan and Iraq for our freedoms and our security.