STUDIO CITY—Emmy-winning producer, Andre Bautista was sentenced to 13 years for trying to kill his tenant in Studio City in September 2015. Producer Andre Bautista, also known as Andre Bauth, was convicted of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon on February 2 and was sentenced Wednesday, March 22 to 13 years in state prison.

Bauth, an award-winning producer for his online daytime show “The Bay,” was renting out a boarding house in the 3100 block of Laurel Canyon Boulevard. The boarding house was the home of one of his tenants, Clayton Haymes who angered the 38-year-old producer by laughing at him.

According to reports, Haymes indicated he and another pal laughed when Bauth indicated he was going to win “Five Oscars” one day.  “We all kind of laughed a little bit, and he got really upset,” noted Haymes.

According to an eye witness testimony, Bauth left the bedroom where the argument was taking place. He walked to the kitchen to get a knife and returned to the room. He chased the victim into another bedroom and stabbed the tenant in the chest. Haymes suffered a pierced lung during the stabbing. Bauth fled to Mexico, where he later turned himself into authorities.

A piece of evidence used during the trial was the plot of a movie Bauth had acted in and produced. The movie was titled, “El Landlord.” In the movie, a landlord starts killing his tenants one by one.