SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica Animal Shelter Foundation (SMASF), a non-profit organization was created to financially support the animal shelter is struggling financially to support the welfare and safety of all of their animals.

The SMASF indicated on their website, they are currently in immediate need of the specific items for the shelter animals.  Monetary donations will go towards acquiring these resources. Anyone with the items listed below is asked to contact the Santa Monica Animal Shelter for more information on how to make their donation. Items needed include:

  • Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Tub

  • Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Table

  • Treadmill for Large Dogs

  • Exam Table With a Lift and Lamp

Formerly know as Friends of the Santa Monica Animal Shelter, SMASF rebranded itself to more inclusive for employees and for the community. They encourage anyone capable to volunteer for their volunteer program, which can include teens, and anyone can be taught animal training and social rehabilitation skills. 

SMASF partnered with the Animal Control department of the Santa Monica Police Department to rescue animals and find them new homes. The pandemic has made quite an impact on the resources of the shelter as they are in need for volunteers, board members, or to donate. According to their Facebook page, the shelter tries to raise money for dog grooming tub, table, exam table with a lift and a lamp, and a treadmill,

The city recently received $26.7 million in COVID-19 relief, which will be used to lessen the impact. It is not known the amount the shelter has or will receive in relief, the foundation provides support for the shelter to remain open. 

SMASF Chair boars Carmen Molinari stated: 

“We want to ultimately encourage the community of Santa Monica to adopt the shelter themselves. Even if they can’t adopt an animal or give money there are many ways they are able to help accomplish our mission for the shelter.” 

SMASF has a link tree where people can donate to the foundation or find more information about the shelter. To volunteer visit