BEVERLY HILLS—On December 31, Anita Pointer, the lead vocalist of the 70s and 80s group, The Pointer Sisters, passed away at her home in Beverly Hills home at the age of 74. According to her publicist, Roger Neal, she died of cancer.

The Pointer Sisters

The Pointer Sisters started singing with Anita as the lead and her three sisters, June, Ruth, and Bonnie serving as backup. Bonnie left the singing quartet in 1977 as she pursued a solo career.

The girls had two brothers, Fritz, and Aaron that did not sing with their sisters professionally. 

Anita is proceeded in death by her sister June who died of cancer in 2006. She was 52. Bonnie died of cardiac arrest in 2020 at age of 69. Anita is survived by her sister June, and her two brothers, Aaron and Fritz.

Some of the Pointer Sister’s greatest were; “He’s So Shy,” “I’m So Excited,” “Neutron Dance,” “You Gotta Believe,” “Jada,” “We Are The World,” and “Fairytale.”

Roger Neal reported that The Pointer Sisters were the first African American group to perform at, The Grand Ole Opry, and the first contemporary act to perform at the San Francisco Opera House. The group won three Grammy Awards and had 13 top 20 hit songs from 1973-1985.