HOLLYWOOD—On Saturday, June 20, actor Ansel Elgort, 26, denied a young woman’s claim that he sexually assaulted her six years ago. He confirmed the relationship which he described as a brief and short encounter, but refuted the occurrence of any sexual assault.

Elgort’s iPhone notes shared to Instagram (courtesy of Instagram)

Ansel, who appeared in th film “The Fault in Our Stars,” rejected the allegations that he had sexually assaulted “Gabby” who hid her last name. On Friday, June 19, she took to Twitter to explain that she was sexually abused by the actor when she was 17 and he was 20.

Elgort with Gabby in 2014. Photo courtesy of Snapchat.

Gabby wrote that she began communicating with Elgort shortly before her seventeenth birthday on Snapchat, and she started a relationship with him shortly after. She described the alleged sexual assault on Twitter claiming that she was in pain and sobbing, and Elgort had proceeded anyway. She shared that she had to go through therapy to recover from the experience of sexual assault, and that she had experienced PTSD as a result. The Twitter account of the anonymous user Gabby was later deleted.

On Saturday, the actor confirmed through his iPhone notes shared to Instagram that he in fact had a short and brief fling with the young woman in New York in 2014, but that it was a consensual relationship, and no sexual assault had taken place. He explained that the reason for this accusation was likely because Elgort broke up with Gabby by not responding to her on social media. He wrote that he acknowledged his behavior was insensitive, and that he should have shown more empathy for her back then.