UNITED STATES—On Tuesday, June 19, a Twitter account linked to a branch of the “anti-fascist” organization, Antifa, tweeted a long list of ICE employees’ personal information.

Sam Levigne. Photo Courtesy of Medium.com.

Sam Lavigne, an artist and professor at NYU, gathered the personal data. Lavigne posted the list on Medium.com and Twitter. The list of information compiled from Linkedin includes names, home addresses, photos, job titles and phone numbers of over 1,500 ICE employees.

Lavigne wrote in his original Medium post, which has since been deleted:

“I’ve downloaded and made available the profiles of (almost) everyone on Linkedin who works for ICE, 1,595 people in total. While I don’t have a precise idea of what should be done with this data set, I leave it here with the hope that researchers, journalists, and activists will find it useful.”

Antifa members have attacked white supremacists with violence and individuals who are believed to be “alt-right” at rallies in 2017. The Antifa movement is not structured and has no national leadership.

President Donald Trump described the group as part of the “alt-left.” Members of the group have been seen dressed in black, clashing with far-right groups at protests in public places, such as Charlottesville and UC Berkeley.