CALIFORNIA—Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has announced that he intends to run for Governor of the state of California in 2018.

Villaraigosa’s term as 41st mayor of Los Angeles ended in July 2013. According to his new website which launched on Thursday, November 10, he stated his purpose for running for governor of California is to make sure everyone in the state has a voice.

“I’m running for Governor to do big things—starting with rebuilding our middle class by investing in our schools and repairing our infrastructure,” Villaraigosa said on his website. “But we’re never going to make this state work for us again unless we give voice to the people who are all too often not heard in Sacramento. That’s what my campaign is about—giving voice to everyone. That’s what my service as governor will be about—making sure the people are heard in Sacramento and their priorities are addressed.”

Villaraigosa joins other Democratic candidates who have also announced their intention of running. Among those candidates include former San Francisco Mayor and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who launched his campaign in early 2015; State Treasurer of Torrance John Chiang and former State Superintendent of Public Instruction of California, Delaine Eastin

Villaraigosa recently formed the political action committee, “Building Bridges, Not Walls” to fight against new anti-immigrant policies. He also appeared at the Democratic National Convention to speak against the proposed mass deportation of illegals from the country.

The former Los Angeles mayor said he wanted to bring the state together by focusing on the middle class and improving schools. His mission statement focuses on investing in infrastructure including roads, bridges, transportation, ports and waterways.