Latest Trends in Fitness: Why Cycling and Aqua Stand Up Are Popular

The world of fitness and workout has been developing and changing throughout the years and decades. Without a doubt, the growing popularity of exercising, healthy dieting, and an active lifestyle is nothing but good.

Not more than a decade ago, those going in for fitness aimed to become exclusively beautiful and change their bodies. The latest tendencies show more and more people choose physical activities as their way of improving health consciously. The recent exhausting cardio training boom among females and that barbell obsession among male culturists faded away pretty quickly.

Moderate functional training to improve joints, develop cardiovascular system abilities, reaction time, and body flexibility is what becomes more and more widespread. Exercising with dumbbells and barbells is not a privilege of bodybuilders and bikini girls but a conscious choice of people willing to reduce their weight or recover after a serious disease or injury.

Regarding the facts above, it becomes clearer why such fitness directions as aqua stand up and cycling have so many adepts in the US, Europe, and all over the planet. People of all ages, from students (avoid ordering academic help from writersperhour if you belong to that category of youth, there are much better services) to elder citizens, show that they’re ready to discover the world of fitness and health with these new concepts.

What are those ideas of cycling and aqua stand up? Let’s take a closer look.

Cycling: Why It Is Useful

As you might already guess, cycling is exercising on a stationary bicycle. However, it’s not a simple, monotonous “pseudo-riding”. The key here is to switch tempos to pretend to ride through real hills and mountain roads. A person to develop the idea to concentrate on cycling was the American man named John Goldberg. He then showed suitable stationary bicycle equipment and introduced the first training program for it in 1987 called Spinning.

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What makes cycling popular? It suits people who think active exercising is unsuitable and tiring. Also, many have restrictions for physical activities due to health problems with their spine or back muscles. Cycling does not cause much tension on a person’s back, so this trouble gets solved easily.

Moreover, cycling is easy to go in for at home. A stationary bicycle won’t occupy much space in your dwelling, and it’s not too expensive to buy. Additionally, you don’t need to have special skills to start exercising. Everyone knows at least a theory of riding a bicycle, which means they would be able to spin pedals of stationary equipment with no problem.

The last but not least important reason for the popularity of cycling is its effectiveness in fat burning. One training session (40 to 60 minutes of intensive movement) allows you to burn about 600-800 calories. That’s a lot.

Aqua Stand Up: It Only Seems Easy

Aqua Stand Up is the codename for the really special fitness exercising concept. The point is that you do exercises while standing, sitting, or lying on a paddleboard. Of course, a paddleboard is on the water in the pool. Training programs may use elements of functional and strength exercising, yoga, and many more.

Do you think it’s too freaky and easy? Well, all you need to do is to try aqua stand up on your own. Nothing else will make you change your mind.

Still, here is a short description. Aqua stand up is a challenge for your body and mind, regardless of your current physical condition, age, gender, or anything else. Making simple moves or taking the required poses turns into a struggle and inner battle while there is such an unstable surface under your feet.

Aqua stand up will squeeze all your sweat. It will become the ultimate challenge for your balance, coordination, strength, and endurance. With every session ending, your physical and mental abilities will increase, and you’ll notice the result pretty quickly. This fitness program exists not to give you a super fit body but to teach you to control every muscle and thought.

It can be called active meditation. And that is the solid reason for the popularity of aqua stand up: it literally makes people distract from routine problems entirely. Then again, the only way to understand the point is to try aqua stand up at least once.