UNITED STATES—The new State Gambling Treaty came into force and with it very strict guidelines regarding gambling in the US. From now on, it is legal to gamble for real money online in the US. But the providers have to meet very specific requirements. Part of these guidelines is also based on the offers and discounts.

Which discounts and bonuses remain legal?

In addition to the high stakes and the wide range of games, most bookmakers lure players online with lucrative bonuses. These will remain legal in the future as well. Very popular are the welcome packages that players get when they register an account on a platform. These will continue to be offered without restrictions in the future. At Betting.net, bookmakers in particular do very well when they offer fair deals and very good bonuses for all new customers. Among the classics in this area is the 100% bonus, which is up to a certain amount of money.

When a player signs up and then makes a deposit, there is 100% this deposit on top. Of course, there are also restrictions on these offers. For example, it is not possible to make a deposit one moment and then withdraw it as a profit the next day. Before that, look at the voucher conditions. Here, the bookmakers themselves define which requirements are tied to the payout of the winnings that games have earned with the help of a bonus.

The main restrictions and regulations 2021

So far, only players in specific states have the opportunity to play and advertise online. From now on, uniform federal regulations apply, this should improve the overview of the regulations and the requirements of the platforms. Thus, anyone who has a US license is officially authorized to offer gambling in the entire federal territory and in every federal state. In order for providers to get this license in the first place, they have to meet very strict guidelines, which can only be in the interest of the players.

The focus is on player protection, so serious changes have occurred. Enormously high stakes should no longer be possible as of now. The limit per month is €1000. If a player reaches this deposit limit, further deposits will be blocked. So the player can not play beyond this limit without further ado. Furthermore, the bookmaker must develop a special algorithm that detects behavior at risk of gambling addiction and then provides rapid assistance to the affected individuals.

Restrictions on slot machines: Advantage for the casino

Further restrictions arise in the case of slot machines. For example, pauses of at least 5 seconds must be left between individual spins. This is to ensure that users are fully aware that they have just finished playing a round and that the next round is about to begin. The so-called automatic games have been removed directly from the slots. This is one of the essential conditions to obtain the US gambling license.

The hype around all online casinos has been enormous, especially in recent years. Therefore, more and more players have migrated to the Internet. This has also led to the fact that more and more arcades have closed. This should now change, then live games are no longer allowed as of now to get a US gambling license. Here, the casinos now have their advantages again, because the live games at the tables such as roulette and blackjack remain permitted there.

The highlights still include a wide range of games and sports betting. In addition, many new customers have the chance to first test the individual features via a demo account and place a few trial sports bets. In this way, an inexperienced beginner minimizes the first losses and has the chance to get a non-binding impression of a portal. Later, there is still the chance to save real money.