UNITED STATES—A common question many people who are new to the world of online gambling may have is whether online casinos are rigged. And these concerns can be legitimate, since fraud is an issue with many online gambling sites. However, the casino industry has done a lot to make sure that online casinos are as fair as possible to players and there are easy ways that you can tell whether a particular casino can be trusted or not. Let’s look at what drives concerns from new players and how you can vet legitimate from fake gambling sites.

Remember the Real World Odds

First, remember the real world odds of the games if you were in playing in real life. For example, if you’re rolling the dice 60 times in the real world, it should come up 6 one time in six. If it came up as a 6 every time, then it would be highly likely the dice were fixed. If you rolled it 60 times and it never came up 6, you’d likewise know the game was rigged. You should see similar odds on gambling websites as you see in real life, but we often fail to see the actual odds because we’re playing so fast or rush to blame the website if we fail to get a 6 in ten rolls even though that could happen in the real world, as well. The same is true if you get ten reds in roulette.

You should also note that casino games have a lower pay out than the theoretical full odds. That’s not a secret hidden by casinos. And these same odds are replicated in online games.

Vet the Online Casinos Before Playing

There are also websites that pose as legitimate gaming sites when they aren’t. Some are outright frauds, while others are gambling sites but skew their odds in the house’s favor.

The first step is verifying that a casino site is licensed in your country. Casino sites have to pass a number of stringent tests on their fairness before they can get their license. The online casino has to permit a third party organization to test their random number generator and verify that every roll of the dice or spin of a virtual slot machine is truly random and mathematically mirrors the odds of the same game at a real world casino.

Check the last time the site was audited and if you can see the results of their last audit. The best online casinos will be proud to reveal their audit results as well as their payouts to show that they’re legitimate. One of the top agencies that perform testing is eCogra, and they’re highly respected in the online gambling world. When you see that a site is eCogra approved, this is usually a sign of a trustworthy casino.

But the best way to protect yourself is to do your research. Visit legitimate casino review websites like Gambling Metropolis. They review gambling sites, providing feedback on everything from their odds to the incentives they give to new players. For example, they’ll tell you which sites give you bonus spins, match bonuses or free spins.

On the flipside, you should also check industry blacklists and stay away from those websites. Given that it is easy to set up a new website, look for red flags in user reviews such as having to jump through endless hoops to claim winnings or a site that fails to honor the bonuses they promised. Also, try to play on casinos that are already well recognized and have been in the business for a while. And also, pick casinos that use a well-known software platform to power their games.

Think about the Economics

Understand that casino games are designed to favor the house. The game is always designed to pay out less money, on average, than they take in. If you win more than you spent that session, congratulations. That victory is thrilling because you beat the odds. Don’t scream fraud, though, if you poured £500 into a gaming site and didn’t win £500 back. Some people will be quick to blame an online casino for bad losses, not realizing that they would get the exact same odds at any brick and mortar casino.

Report It

If you think that you’ve encountered an unfair casino site, go ahead and report it to the UKGC. They’ll investigate the complaints after documenting information about the suspicious events. Share any background information you think is relevant. They’ll let you know if they discover cheating or rigged software. Actions like this are frequent, and it helps to take down the rare gambling sites that are rigged.


Licensed online casinos are overwhelmingly fair because they have strong oversight. Doing your research and taking action when things are suspicious helps keep online gaming fair.