UNITED STATES—Being in a secure, loving, long term relationship can be very satisfying but there are some people that become very worried that their partner may be playing away. In some cases, this is down to simple paranoia and turns out to be nothing. However, there are other cases where the person’s gut instinct it proven right and they find that their partner has been cheating.

If you suspect your partner may be cheating but you do not know one way or another, the last thing you want to do is jump in with accusations and ruin the trust between you. With this in mind, it is best to do some digging to see what you can find out and part and parcel of this is monitoring your partner’s behavior in certain situations. There are some changes that could indicate they are cheating.

Some Signs to Look Out For

There are various signs that may indicate you have a cheating partner on your hands. One of the things you may notice is that your partner starts to receive a lot more calls than normal and they will often be shifty when taking these calls. You could ask who was on the phone but they may pretend it was a relation or friend. However, you can easily check out whether they lied by using a reverse phone lookup tool online, which will enable you to determine who the caller was and whether your partner lied. You will find online providers that enable you to conduct this type of search as well as offering additional services such as a people search tool.

Another thing you may notice is that your partner spends a lot more time on social media and tends to receive a lot more private messages, which you can often identify by the notification sound. This is because many people who are cheating communicate with the third party via private messaging on social media. If you notice your partner is using social media a lot more and tends to hide their computer or device away from you if you are in the room, you may be right to feel suspicious. You may even be able to get onto their social media site if they forget to log out, in which case you can see the messages for yourself.

There are other behavioral changes that you may notice about your partner if they are cheating. For instance, some will start to groom themselves far more and take more pride in their appearance. Others will suddenly develop a very hectic social life where there was none before, and you won’t be invited on these outings. Some may suddenly start working late at the office each and every day. Any changes such as these could be a sign that your partner is playing away and therefore should be taken seriously.

While it is never nice to discover you are being cheated on, it is far better than being kept in the dark and living in limbo. Most people would prefer to know one way or another rather than be left wondering what is going on.