HOLLYWOOD─I cannot believe after eight seasons another one of my favorite series on The CW is coming to an end. First it was “Smallville,” than “Vampire Diaries” and now we are closing the chapter on “Arrow.” The superhero/comic book verse is not easy to pull off on the small screen, but “Smallville” did it exceptionally well for 10 seasons, and “Arrow” is bidding adieu at the perfect time as well.

I mean Stephen Amell came onto the screen and lit it on fire. The guy was perfect in the role and making things greater was the fact that audiences got to see this character evolve over several seasons. Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow was an everyday being. He really did not have that superhero power that so many other iconic characters showcased in the past. That was the one thing that made this character such a treat to watch. No, most of us aren’t billionaires like Oliver, but he was grappling with rather to be a hero and how to go about it.

The first season of this series was fantastic as the character returned home after being presumed dead for 5 years. As each season moved along we learned more and more and more about what happened to Oliver while he was trapped on that island. He did battle with his best friend Tommy’s dad, who happened to be the father of his sister Thea that their mother Moira was keeping secret.

Yes, the Queen family was full of surprises people. That season culminated with Tommy losing his life and Malcolm Merlyn wanting vengeance against Oli for his son’s demise. However, season two was even better as the Queen family suffered another tragedy when the villain Slade murdered Moira in front of Oliver and Thea. It was a brutal episode to watch, but that is what made the series so much fun, no character was immune from having a date with the Grim Reaper even our title characters.

Season 4 was another highlight for me because Oli faced a villain that tested him in more ways than I can imagine which was why this series has lasted so long. I mean throughout the course of eight seasons viewers witnessed characters we loved like Laurel Lance, Quentin Lance and a host of others die, but also be brought back to life thanks to time jumps and revisits to the past and future. Yeah, that last element lost me a bit, but when you’re watching a series of this caliber you have to suspend yourself from reality a bit.

It was indeed a bummer to learn last year that the eighth season would be “Arrow’s” last, but I was ok with it because the series did not attempt to have more episodes than needed. Yes, there were only 10 episodes and each of them were jam-packed this season. I mean the penultimate episode was not the episode before the finale it was episode eight which saw Oliver Queen sacrifice his life to save the planet and in the process resurrect Quentin, Moira and Tommy from the dead.

That is indeed correct; our title character died two episodes before the finale. Shocking? Yes. Exhilarating? Without a doubt. This final episode was really all about wrapping things up for our core characters. I mean we saw Roy and Thea reunite and get engaged. Yeah, the lovebirds from season one reunited their love tale. Oliver received a hero’s tribute from the residents of Starling City, as well as his closet pals. We met Oli and Felicity’s children from the future, who are also crime fighters, but it was two tidbits at the end that really provided that closure. For some time it was hinted that Diggle might be the Green Lantern and when that box crashed on Earth there was a green ring inside, which has all signs pointing to him being our next hero or character to get his own spinoff and rightfully so. The brotherly bond between Oli and Diggle was so great to watch over the years.

However, the one thing that has drawn so many of us to the series was the love affair between Oliver and Felicity Smoak. Yes, Felicity returned to the series this season and I’ve always loved this character. She was quirky, she was nerdy and from the moment she first laid eyes on Oliver, the audience knew these two were destined to be together. I don’t’ know why the writers attempted to place Laurel and Oli together from the start, it just never clicked for me as a viewer.

We knew who we wanted together, and while it took nearly three seasons before it finally happened. It was not without trials and tribulations. I mean Felicity nearly died as a casualty because of enemies Oliver made, their kids grew up without a father, her life was threatened multiple times people. If that is not love, then please tell me exactly what is.

Witnessing those final moments of the two as Felicity visited 2040 was the final touch of a sendoff that was well worth the wait. She was reunited with her one true love and it was at the place where the two first laid eyes on one another. Man, this final episode just reminded me how much I enjoyed this series and how I might have to go back and re-watch a few seasons to bring back that nostalgia. I mean it’s rare to find a series that entertains on such a level, but “Arrow” you did it the best. You’ll be truly missed!