HOLLYWOOD—When I first heard about the crossover event between The CW’s “Arrow” and “The Flash,” I kept asking myself just how in the world do the writers plan to bring these two characters together? After catching Tuesday’s episode of “The Flash,” it all made perfect sense.

Let’s just say the hotly anticipated flick “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” has plenty to live up to.  The bulk of the episode saw Oliver, Felicity and Diggle heading to Central City to get the scoop on a murderer who has been wreaking havoc in Starling City. In the midst of their investigation, the crew runs into Barry and his gang.

So what draws these two superheroes together? A meta-human on the loose with the ability to control people’s emotions! I will admit it was nifty to see a villain, not resort to superhuman strength or some unbelievable power cause havoc.  The big question that continued to linger for me was how these two comic book superheroes would do battle against one another?

Well, let’s have the meta-human cause Barry to act on all of his emotions: jealously and rage in particular. To see Caitlin and Felicity bond over science, Cisco and Diggle wig out about meeting heroes more popular than the ones they already know. All of this chaos emerged with an epic battle that saw ‘The Flash’ venture to his dark side. Not only did he attack Eddie, shattering any chance he had with Iris, but he put a massive beating on Oliver. I guess what they say is true; a plan is more powerful than superpowers.

The big shocker of the first-part of the crossover was the audience got to meet the mystery woman from Oli’s past. In particular the mother of his child! Yep, Oliver Queen is a father. Wonder how he’ll respond when he learns that bombshell.

The second part of the crossover event saw ‘The Flash’ heading to Starling City to help Oliver and the gang deal with their problem of a sociopath who set multiple bombs across the city set to explode at the same time. Arsenal, Diggle and Arrow were on a stakeout, where they discovered a bomb at the residence. Yah, we got a flashback of Oli and Amanda, where he learned about the art of torture about a prisoner who he needed to obtain information from. Oliver was forced to use torture as a technique for information. Felicity was a bit surprised to see Cisco and Caitlin in Starling City with information on the DNA sample from Sara Lance. Funny moments indeed with these characters that works so well for both shows.

With Diggle in trouble, ‘The Flash’ arrived on the scene alongside, Arsenal and Arrow to provide some assistance. Looks like Barry arrived right on time to save Starling City’s dark knight. Oliver was a bit hesitant about working with Barry, but the help was much needed. Laurel and Detective Lance got a visit from Barry and Oli and discovered that the Russian mob is involved.

Barry seemed a bit unnerved by the violent tactics his icon uses to obtain information. The two quarreled about morality. Lila found herself a victim of Markos’ boomerang. Amanda gave Oliver a lesson in dealing with extreme measures to tackle those who utilize extreme tactics. Oliver had a heart-to-heart with Barry about losing himself to remain the hero that his city needs.

Tracking the big baddie, Oli and Barry soon realize that the bombs are set to go off in 90 seconds, placing Barry in a tricky situation. How do you stop five bombs all at the same time? You utilize Cisco, Felicity, Caitlin and Roy of course.

Lila’s situation forced Diggle to realize that he could no longer delay time, so he proposed to the mother of his child. Amanda chose to test Oliver once again in the art of torture. Barry and Oliver continued to bicker about who would win in a fight. Guess the audience will never know. Definitely the most fun I’ve watched on TV in weeks. “The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW. “Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.