SANTA MONICA— On Wednesday, July 1 2020, the Santa Monica Police Department updated the public in regards to an arson incident committed against local Santa Monica restaurant: Sake House by Hikari.

In the update, authorities informed the public that 3 arrests had been made regarding the case. The first listed arrest was of an 18 year old male named Micah Amadeus Tillmon, who is the main suspect of the felony committed. The other two arrests made were of 19 year old Gisselle Alexis Pinto and 18 year old Mynor Pinto, who were both arrested for looting as all three suspects had looted various Santa Monica stores including REI, Vons, Shoe Palace, and more.

The arson incident itself occurred on May 31 and, according to the affidavit against Tillmon, security footage showed the suspect placing a “red, tube-shaped object” behind the reception desk area of the restaurant before walking away. Within seconds, smoke and fire appeared from the area and spread throughout the restaurant.

The original Press Release sent to the public on June 4, 2020 by the SMPD to gather information about the arson suspects.

The authorities had been following the perpetrators for about a month, with a press release on June 4 asking the public for help identifying the suspects. They also posted videos and pictures of the suspects on social media to publicize the issue, and offered up to $5,000 as a monetary reward.

Now that Tillmon has been caught, he will stand trial in court on Wednesday afternoon in the United States District Court in Downtown Los Angeles. His punishment for the felony offense will result in at least a 5 year sentence or at most a 20 year sentence in federal prison.