SANTA MONICA—LA-based artist Bumblebee installed a temporary artwork on Colorado Avenue near the Santa Monica Pier on Monday, July 16, to promote a new series of temporary art works that will be rolled out in Downtown Santa Monica starting this August.

According to a press release from the city of Santa Monica, Bumblebee’s piece titled “Looks Like Fun” aims to evoke a sense of whimsy and playfulness and invites viewers to stop for a moment, take a breath, and snap a photo.

This artwork will be on view for several weeks before “Triangle Square” along Third Street Promenade, between Wilshire Boulevard and Colorado Avenue, transforms into four large-scale temporary installations that will be coupled with “interventions and projections” over the next 18 months.

Bumblebee’s piece is meant to “encourage the public to re-imagine the use of this grassy, park-like space as an art destination,” officials said.

Bumblebee, who was born in the southeastern part of Los Angeles, uses stenciling and mixed media to create images of children on walls of his hometown. He also deals with issues such as child homelessness and the impact of modernity of nature. Despite the seriousness of his subject matter, his works are whimsical, playful and exude a sense of childish innocence, freedom and joy.

Bumblebee’s murals have been featured at Google headquarters in Venice Beach, on the KODAK building in Hollywood, and in Santa Monica. He has also been asked by the multimedia mobile application company, Snapchat, to create permanent geofilters that feature designed images from murals as backgrounds for photos, the press release reports.

“This programmatic partnership between the City of Santa Monica and Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. evolved through a mutual desire to infuse more art experiences in the downtown core,” states the press release. There is shared interest in activating public spaces with ephemeral work that would prompt people to traverse this active corridor.

For the next several months there will be new artists who share their work in “Triangle Square.” For information, visit or check out #ArtSaMo on social media to follow the action!