UNITED STATES—To Un-confuse the confused is to remove the Con from the Fused so that the Fuse can stop Procreating.’ Quote; Jane Gang: The Artist not the trees, although some would say ‘What’s the difference?’ And they would be right.

I, the Artist, in this non-fiction unfolding may have lost another battle in court: May 1ST. I haven’t lost the war. Last week my PA, Jennifer Jones called me from LA with an update, and declared that all her friends agreed I was a total badass.

Listening to myself on the phone talking about my current position I began to feel uplifted, yes, yes I am…a total badass. It had been another long slog through re-experiencing the trauma of coercive control and domestic abuse, putting papers together in the months prior to the Royal Courts of Justice date with The Hon Justice Hayden presiding. The spokesperson for the respondents was my brother Dr Nicholas Higgins. It had been painful to read through manufactured lies and smear campaign on various ‘authoritative’ forms thinly disguising a hate crime submitted into another court. More lying, negative paper trail to reverse: My bundle of 284 pages looked sharp. I had four main categories with multiple evidence attached: Coercive Control, Undue Influence, Abuse of Process and Unreliable Evidence.

The Sun: British press amended inaccurate reporting.

Impressed that the Vice President of The Court of Protection, The Hon. Mr. Justice Hayden was taking this case I was also wary. My brothers after all, had me chased down by a police helicopter and two police officers in September 2016 in the Borough of Bromley where they obviously had the connections to swiftly action that: The question is why would they? Am I that much of a threat? What exactly are they up to warrant and I quote one of the officers ‘a £16,000 expense’ of sending up a police helicopter just for me, I wasn’t breaking any laws.

Walking into court on May Day, the main question to be answered here was: Is this now a lawless Britain? How far does this Probate/Wealth Management/Elder Abuse racket go? Is Sir Anthony Hayden a part of it? Or does he agree with recently retired Court Of Protection Senior Judge Denzil Lush? Which side is he on? People need to know. He’d made a lot of headlines in the case of Alfie Evans in 2018. Gang vs. Higgins is different dynamics with government departments like Office of Public Guardian involved. Denzil Lush publically spoke out in 2016 saying he’d never have a LPA, the statistics of abuse are skyrocketing and he believes the OPG to be ‘disingenuous.’ In my experience I agree 100%. This is ultimately about exploiting the elderly, land & property greed & The Old Boys Club.

I discovered volunteer groups in USA via twitter and connected with Stop Probate Fraud: ‘Helping to spot & stop fraud in Probate, Trusts & Estates’. They agree, the courts & some judges are colluding:

Justice Hayden’s meme: Fingers in ears while repeating ‘LaLaLaLaLa’ as he literally said to me he ‘couldn’t hear’ what I was saying re: Section 22 & 23 of the MCA 2005. Therefore one must conclude that Section 22 & 23 doesn’t actually exist for everyone, just as clause 14, in BKLTax’s Trust Instrument drawn up and signed off by my parents in 2003 doesn’t actually exist for the Settlors to exert power within that one important clause. This short clause sentence is in fact a deception.

Daily Mail: British press amended inaccurate reporting.

His Honor however, did compliment my Litigant In Person 284 page bundle before zoning out while watching me with a disdainful stare as I asked him, or as he allowed me a fraction of time to voice my case: ‘How many crimes do these particular two Legal Powers of Attorney have to have committed, that’s including Mail Fraud while executors under oath for our father’s estate in 2010, along with multiple breaches of MCA 2005, exploiting the Donor and the psychological abuse of our mother…how many does it take for them to be removed?’

Apparently it can be endless. The court order arrived in the mail there was zero reasons given for dismissing my Appeal to have my brothers removed as LPAs.

Yet, yes… I am a total badass:

1/ When I found out in 2015 how my brothers and their syndicate had been coercive controlling, exploiting my mother and how they were using the same manipulative tactics on me while they carried out their duplicity over the years I flipped it: My mother couldn’t face too much of this betrayal and I could only do so much to help her while they had her isolated, under their control.

2/ She did however change her Will, making me Sole Executor for four equal shares for her four children.

3/ I’ve defused my brothers chance to challenge that as they were found out: Nov 2017 to have committed the alleged embezzlement of my son and allegedly, Mail Fraud in 2010 while they were executors of our father estate.

4/ Feb 2016, I had proof the Trust Documents are and I quote another solicitor, ‘artificial.’ Add the fact that clause 14, when exercised in 2016 became 100% deceptive means that this whole Trust Instrument can be nullified. The email exchanges allegedly incriminate the asset managers in this scheme. All this evidence: In the bundle.

5/ I call my mother most days, the abuse has taken its toll on her; She remains isolated and kept mentally scrambled. I’m appealing the court order. The LPA will dissolve when my mother passes, then the book keeping since 2003 of this phony Trust will come out in the wash if not before.

6/ I put a Lien on the property just in case these conniving, greedy, malicious snakes who faked liking me and my son all these years, attempt to follow through on their subterfuge to own our ‘4 equal shares’ between their 3 selves.

7/ Just for fun I sent my brothers a reading list that may help them begin their own therapeutic journey into self-awareness: ‘Almost a Psychopath’ by Ronald Schouten and ‘The Everything Guide to Narcissistic Personality Disorder’ by Med Cynthia Lecher Goodman.

Outside The Royal Courts of Justice

8/ I’m preparing to sue my brother Dr N. Higgins, the spokesperson, for Libel and the rest for Defamation.

9/ As I pick through their carefully orchestrated lies on paper I find other trails, attempts to cover their asses into the future such as feigning in not knowing my address in USA all these years. This detailed undercurrent I first noticed in a red flag, 2007.

10/ 90% of this work I did myself with 10% gleaning information from legal professionals: A significant amount of lawyers are part of this game: Always bluffing that the case is ‘complicated’ when it clearly isn’t in order to get as much money as possible out of any client while befuddling the course of Justice with reams of papers #saveatree #gopaperless

11/ I spent a lot of my time but only approximately £200. I’d probably be out of pocket by £200,000 now while in this same position, had I had the funds to hire solicitors in the first place: Ref: case #BallvJohnson (Marcus Ball prosecuting Boris Johnson, UK)

I am not done here.

Dear reader you may wonder why I started this, naming names: Is it retaliation? No…my life was/is in danger, my young son’s too: The ‘proper authorities’ are corrupted certainly in Borough of Bromley (Has the juicy SEX SCANDAL story within Brent local authority broke yet? Who is paying for that to be kept out of the British press?) There remains many questions: How did brother Nicholas manage to pull the strings that had me obligated to enter Bromley police station to answer a theft allegation based on zero actual evidence? I’m his innocent sister here. Their mindset revealed is chilling. Not once in these past 4 yrs have any of them made amends. This is why I keep exposing their cover-ups, their constant lies and machinations. What are they planning to attack me with next? I have my young son to protect. I’m also fighting my own corner: The bigger picture.

It was also time to move on to more positive creative work: The dance school fundraiser was drawing near. I had to prepare my live drawings of dancers made every Saturday for the past 14 months.

It was warm & light again; Spring into Summer time to enjoy myself, and my wonderful son Boulevard. I’d got some power back I was in control. I was out of that mind f**k of Coercive Control. How insidious it is. Reading books, shrinking the darkness. Learning how language is infiltrated with a language that kills people: Like the poison that is all around us, via electronic devices, radioactive, chemical weapons: In the water, in the food, in flame-retardant home-furnishings, in the air and in the words we use. It’s hard for people to stay conscious, to be constantly battling negativity especially when so much is the platitude perpetuated.

In February 2019 after another battle I successfully get credited in the celebrity press: The Daily Mail, The Mirror and The Sun syndicated British press as the Influential Artist and originator of the phrase ‘Cash Only’ a word flip out of a body of art onto apparel and other products that Team Justin Bieber had plagiarized: April 2018. I‘m in meetings with new people concerning my Cash Only Brand and launching back into my art career: Prepping for three exhibitions. Time to really be back in my life, away from toxic, oppressive, bullies, my siblings from my family of origin. Yes I am damaged from all that but my son doesn’t have to be.

June 30th: Taylor Swift posts on Tumblr an angry tirade: Scooter Braun has done the same thing to her as Team Bieber attempted to do to me. Scooter Braun now owns Taylor Swift’s back catalogue, her Artistic Legacy, the masters to her first six albums. Another Art Heist, a live body snatching of Body of Art.

Although my similar story ticks all the boxes for inclusion in this mega scandal and global press coverage which sees British press trawl through social media finding obtuse stories of dancers on Bieber’s Purpose Tour with complaints about Bieber instead of Braun? My point: Why does all the British press chose to ignore, discriminate & exclude my same scenario with same Team Bieber when it’s 100% relevant especially in the age of #MeToo & female artist’s efforts?

Who is paying to keep my story out of the papers? Is it the people behind #GangvHiggins or the people behind the YBAs success? I accept the challenge from art critic Kellogg Barnsley: I will recreate the Battle painting series from my Degree show, 1983. Art History from the ‘written-out generation’ will now be included up to the point where #CharlesSaatchi & Tired Tenured Tutors produced their business model ‘Art Stars straight outta Art School:’ UK, latter 1980s #DamienHirst and in USA, Yale 1990s eg: #GregoryCrewson #JustineKurland

July 20th is the dance school summer show, Boulevard is performing in Ballet, Tap and Street Dance and he’ll receive his Distinction certificate in BBO Primary Ballet exam. I am so proud of him.

Drawings will be on show, out of the seventy that are finished to date, these are now for sale with a percentage going to the dance school. The fundraiser has begun and there’ll be an auction in October. Another pioneering first in the Arts & Cultural community: In House Artist drawing live: Dancers in dance schools. You can order from a choice of drawings of your own child.

However this is not my first fundraiser like this, my most recent was back in 2014 for Cheremoya Elementary, Hollywood my son’s first school. All this bringing me organically to complete a full circle of the drain train, tying up loose ends: Both personal and professional. I am truly moving into a healthier, happier, wholly creative life for myself, and my son.

Written By Jane Gang