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Yes, we have a dog park! Actually a bunch of them... (they aren't all in the canyon, but scroll down to where you want to visit):


Runyon Canyon

You can access this trendy LA hiking spot from either Mulholland or Franklin (in Hollywood).  From Laurel Canyon, turn east onto Mulholland and keep following the curves for a few miles, and eventually you'll see signs for Runyon Canyon (and happy dogs) on your right. Certain areas are designated off-leash and other areas as on-leash.   


Two ways to enter Runyon Canyon, from the bottom of the hill and from the top:

TOP: This is located about two miles EAST of Laurel Canyon Blvd on Mulholland. It is on the south side of the street. It is easy to pass so be on the lookout for a dirt parking area.

BOTTOM: This is located off of Fountain, which is directly above Hollywood Blvd (running Parallel). You can park on the streets around Fuller, and Vista and walk north up to the gates. It is about 1 mile North East of Fairfax and Hollywood Blvd. Once you get to this area, you will see many people walking into the grounds. Just ask someone, and they will help you. This is also easy to pass as it fits right into the residential neighborhood. Please don't forget pooper scoopers because they are not always provided. You are responsible for anything your dog leaves on the ground.

Laurel Canyon Dog Park

This large fenced area is specifically designed for both large and small dogs. There are pooper scoopers and picnic benches and even a small pool area for the dogs. This dog park gets muddy when it rains and tends to have many muddy water puddles that have been said to make dogs ill if they eat or drink from them. 


From Sunset: Take Laurel Canyon Blvd or Coldwater Canyon Blvd north until you reach Mulholland. If you take Laurel Canyon, turn left onto Mulholland. If you take Coldwater Canyon, turn right onto Mulholland (going East). Go about 1/2 mile and it is on the left hand side. It is easy to pass, so as soon as you see a drive way, turn into that and drive down the hill a short while and park. Plenty of free parking.

From Ventura Blvd: Take Laurel Canyon Blvd or Coldwater Canyon Blvd South (going up the hill) until you reach Mulholland. Turn right if you are on Laurel Canyon and left if you are on Coldwater Canyon. It's on the south side of the street. (on the left if you are coming from Laurel Canyon direction, and on the right if you are coming from Coldwater Canyon direction).

Yes, we have a dog park! Actually a bunch of them... (they aren't all in the canyon, but scroll down to where you want to visit):

Silverlake Dog Park

Located on Silverlake Blvd. & Easterly Terrace
Park includes a separate small dog section with water and scoopers.

The Dog Park

Located at the end of Zoo Ave. near the Farraro soccer fields.

Calabasas Park

Located in Calabasas on Las Virgines Rd. across from A.E. Wright Middle School
Specialties: Calabasas Park has a double entry gate system

Claremont Pooch Park

Located in Claremont at College Ave. and Green St.

Sepulveda Basin

Located in Encino at White Oak and Victory Blvd.

El Capitan Flood Basin

Located in Fresno, 2 blocks south of Shaw and El Capitan intersection in NW Fresno.

Long Beach Dog Park

Located in Long Beach at 7th and Park

Palm Springs Dog Park

Located in Palm Springs at 222 Civic Drive North (behind City Hall)

Redondo Beach Dog Park

Located in Redondo Beach at 200 Flagler Lane on the corner of 190th St. and Flagler Lane in Dominguez Park.

Carlson Dog Park

Located in Riverside at 4700 Buena Vista, take the 91 East to University Ave.

Laguna Lake Park

Located in San Luis Obispo on Madonna Road

Douglas Family Preserve

Located in Santa Barbara.

Joslyn Park

Located at 633 Kensington Road in Santa Monica at the east End of park
Hours: 6am-9am & 6pm-10pm

Marine Park

Located in Santa Monica in the fenced area at western perimeter.
Hours: 6am-9am & 6pm-10pm

Santa Monica Mountains Nat'l Recreation Area

Located in Santa Monica at 401 West Hillcrest Dr.
Hours: 9am-5pm
Comments: These facilities can be found at various locations throughout the 53 mile recreation area the spans from Beverly Hills to the Oxnard Plane. Dogs are allowed to play on all the Nat'l Park land within this recreation area, however, they must be on a leash.

Leo Carrillo Beach

Located north of Santa Monica in the North Beach only... just head all the way out Malibu until you get to El Matador and Leo Carrillo -- especially in the winter, there's no one there but the windsurfers.

If you want to take your dog to Leo Carrillo beach, just head all the way out Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu (30 miles north of Santa Monica) until you get to El Matador and Leo Carrillo -- especially in the winter, there's no one there but the windsurfers.

This beach was named after Leo Carrillo, a popular radio and TV performer. This particular state beach allows leashed dogs. The only restriction is that they are not allowed between towers two and three (the busiest part of the beach). You and your pup can stroll along the rest of this 1.5 mile long beach. If you want a longer walk, go back under the freeway and there are miles of dog-friendly trails. The mountain trail can have ticks and rattlesnakes nearby, so be careful! A small general store is located on the mountain side of the freeway. Here you can grab some snacks and other items. The park is located on Hwy 1, approximately 30 miles northwest of Santa Monica. Their phone number is 818-880-0350.

Sierra Madre Dog Park

Located in Sierra Madre at 611 Sierra Madre Blvd.

Venice Beach Dog Park

Located in Venice Beach near Lincoln Blvd. and Pacific Ave.

Westminster Park

Located in West Los Angeles at 1234 Pacific Ave.
Directions: East side of Westminster Park


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