SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica Assistant City Manager Katie Lichtig announced that should would be retiring from her position after 35 years of service on Thursday, January 23. She started in 1992 as the Assistant to the City Manager for Management Services.

Lichtig has held top leadership positions in neighboring cities and on the Central Coast, including important community services for the reconstruction after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. “That we reached out to bring Katie back home tells you all you need to know about how Santa Monica feels about her,” said Mayor Kevin McKeown. “Katie’s been an indispensable core part of every achievement our city takes pride in.”

Katie oversaw the well-being and livelihood for the City Manager’s Office and was called a “Tremendous leader and partner” by City Manager Rick Cole.

“Public service has defined my life and it has been my honor to work on behalf of the City of Santa Monica. After 35 years, I am ready to start a new chapter,” said Lichtig. “I take this step into retirement with tremendous gratitude for everything this community has offered me both inside and outside the organization.”

Before rejoining the City in October 2017, she was the City Manager for the city of San Luis Obispo for seven years. She served as Assistant City Manager/Chief Operating Officer for the city of Beverly Hills from 2006-2010 and City Manager for Malibu from 2001-2006. Her last day will be April 9, 2020. Andy Agle, Director of Housing and Community Development, will serve in an interim role while the city starts a thorough and open search for the next Chief Operating Officer.

Written By Max Guerrero and Casey Jacobs