SAN DIEGO—The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department arrested a man on Thursday, May 20 who was accused of attacking a woman at Buena Vista Park. The suspect was identified as Luis Enrique Ambriz Jimenez. 

Authorities received a call from a woman on May 19 around noon that a man attacked her , while she was walking her dogs on a trail at Buena Vista Park. The victim told the police that the man grabbed her and tried to pull her into the bushes when they both fell, and she was able to get away. 

In a news release, authorities described the suspect as a 5 foot and 5 inches tall Hispanic male, with a medium build, brown hair, and appeared to be in his 20s. He was wearing a maroon hoodie, black baseball hat, navy shorts, and Nike tennis shoes when he attacked the woman. A day later, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department indicated they arrested Jimenez.

Jimenez is 21-years-old and was booked at Vista Detention Facility. He was arrested on charges of kidnapping with the intent to commit robbery, false imprisonment, and attempted robbery. In a news release, the Sherrif’s Department said the woman’s description of the man helped them find him, and she was able to identify him in a line-up. 

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