HOLLYWOOD—There has always been that shroud of secrecy involving the character of Austin Gatlin on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Austin had been pushed into a corner by Mason and that mysterious boss, Cyrus Renault. Austin, sick of the threats decided it was time to put Mason out of his misery by smothering him with a pillow. Just one slight problem, TJ spotted him from a distance committing the evil deed and stopped him before something irreversible transpired.

As a result, Austin got hammered at a bar, while TJ talked him down off the ledge about his antics. However, when you have Cyrus barking orders from a distance warning him not to push his luck, it was only a matter of time before he cracked. Ava had an axe to grind with Austin after hearing from Laura’s mouth that the husband she thought she murdered is very much alive. Yes, the alarm bells started to ring and they rang damn loud for Ava as she realized, Austin had been playing her for close to a year about Nikolas’ fate.

Austin, you’re not a good liar, and when Ava asked him out right, his face said it all. Ava was livid, her blood was boiling and it was obvious she wanted blood and Austin this is one person you never want to double cross. She will kill in cold blood to protect her family and once you betray her trust it is over. I feel a massive murder mystery could be gearing up on the soap opera and that would be exciting to witness.

Laura and Martin were the only people onto the fact that Cyrus might be more dangerous now than ever before, and his illness was just a ruse to kick-off his masterplan, whatever that means. I mean hello, he confronted Portia, then Trina, which Spencer interrupted, but not before he returned to the art gallery again to threaten Trina and Spencer was entangled in another mess. Spencer and Trina are in dicey waters because of so many outside forces, NOT just Cyrus, but Esme who has confessed she is developing feelings for Spencer. That is something that Trina expected, but Spencer is refusing to see.

I love the return of Rena Sofer as Lois. She is a hoot to watch on the series and she is meshing so well with so many characters. I mean Sonny, Brook Lynn, Tracy, Ned, Olivia, Chase, and it has me wondering could Brenda Barrett soon return to the canvas? There hasn’t been much talk about Brenda, but with everything that is taking place with Nina, a former flame, could be the one to pick up the broken heart. I’d love to see it because Michael is really sticking it to Nina.

He issued his threats about Nina staying away from Wiley and Willow, not to mention, selling her half of the Metro Court back to Carly. Yes, Carly is the victim everyone and we just have to fall over and honor the ground that she walks on. I’m over it. Nothing would satisfy me more than seeing a massive downfall for Michael Corinthos. He deserves it and has earned it after what he did to Sonny. I know that secret is coming out, I just wonder when it will happen because the “GH” writers really like to drag their feet on their storylines with big reveals not taking place until a year later and at that point who actually cares.

Sasha is not leaving Port Charles; the chaos of the Deception debacle is starting to smooth over. Yes, Sasha and Cody are getting closer, and I love to see it America. Just as it is slightly fun seeing this war erupt between Lucy and Tracy when it comes to Deception. Tracy is cruel and her attempt to steal someone else’s company and give it to her devious granddaughter totally sucks.

Valentin has gotten through to Laura that Charlotte is a bit troubled and when the teen overheard it, it is worrying to say the least. She has been captured on video as a guilty party when it comes to Anna being tortured and I suspect there is more to this tale then Charlotte being the culprit, it just seems way too easy.