HOLLYWOOD—I teased this notion weeks ago that I felt like the walls were closing in for Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth) on the ABC soap opera “General Hospital” and it was confirmed for me in the past week or so. How so? Austin was tired of being pushed in a corner by Cyrus and was ready to sing to the police, and Dante in particular about his big boss, but before Austin could get those details to the authorities, he was shot by a masked man.

The problem with “GH” is that Austin has been dead for more than a week for the viewers, yet NO ONE IN PORT CHARLES HAS FIGURED OUT OR LEARNED THAT HE IS DEAD! That just feels like bad writing, if you ask me. In no way do I suspect Cyrus had anything to do with Austin’s demise. The audience already knows that Cyrus is Austin’s boss and that means it has to be a bigger player that we have or haven’t seen yet.

My money seems to be a on a Cassadine from the past. I thought Nikolas, but I don’t think he would just commit murder for the sake of committing murder, as it makes no sense. Someone is trying to purchase Wyndemere and they are remaining anonymous, and the only people who know about Nikolas being alive the entire time after he was presumed dead after Ava whacked him with that poker were Cyrus, Mason and Austin.

Austin’s demise feels like it could possibly be tied to Anna Devane. The audience knows for sure that Charlotte did not set Anna’s home ablaze. I pinpointed weeks ago that Charlotte seemed too easy as a culprit and there had to be someone behind the scenes who allowed Charlotte to take the fall for the actions they did. Whoever this individual is, is someone from Anna’s past and it seems to be the same person who broke into her apartment the same night that Charlotte did and stole a file on a James Forsythe, who later turned up dead.

So it appears Anna’s past is about to rear its ugly head. Who could want Anna taken out, perhaps Cesar Faison, Peter August or some other nefarious fiend from the past? I mean Faison and August have been confirmed dead, but in the soap arena no one is truly dead are they? I would be surprised if her twin sister, Alex was the culprit. So that so called bullet at the Metro Court that changed Curtis’ life may have been intended for Anna and not Sonny after all.

Sonny might want to back off threatening Cyrus who is working behind the scenes to manufacture his foes downfall. Nina is in the crosshairs of Ned and Michael who are either planning her downfall or protecting her. Michael is just a complete ass despite Willow trying to bond with her biological mother, even though the SEC tip is increasing the stress in her life. The more Michael attempts to prevent Nina from being with her family the more it becomes obvious to those in his orbit.

Ned wants to spill the truth, but Drew and Michael making business moves without his approval is rubbing him the wrong way. So what is Ned doing? It looks like he plans to stick it to Michael and Drew instead. The families bonding for Thanksgiving in Port Charles was cute, I must admit. Spencer and Trina are back on the same page, just as Ava and Carly are friendlier than ever. Yeah, I never imagined that after what unfolded with Morgan Corinthos.

However, lives were upended including Ava and Maxie when they learned about Austin’s demise this week. Yes, the news rattled both, hitting Maxie quite hard because she was tied closely to the doctor at one point. As for Ava and Dante, they are questioning who would want to murder Austin, put those thinking caps on people because it is time to start looking at suspects as things heat up.

Anna and Valentin appear all but done, after Anna visited Charlotte despite strict orders to stay away. Yes, Charlotte is rattled after being shot and with Anna knowing that Nina deleted footage of Charlotte entering Anna’s hotel room at Valentin’s request, the enemies being made by Nina is increasing by the minute. Anna even spotted that Valentin and Nina are getting closer again, and considering she is married to Sonny that could be a massive issue.

It seems a given that Nina and Valentin will reunite once Nina’s secret is exposed, but the aftermath of that secret being spilled will be quite intriguing to say the least “GH” fans.