UNITED STATES—Any company wants to acquire more leads that can result in having more customers. There’s a plethora of strategies that have been proven, and they are readily available. However, few are as direct and as effective as cold outreach (effective when you consider the number of leads you can generate). In order to be able to increase your lead count, you will need to improve your B2B sales emails. For this very reason, we have provided templates that can be used with minor tweaking that are guaranteed to convert.

That is what we are aiming to cover today in order to aid you in improving your lead generation via email search. We will touch on what cold outreach is and how it can help your business. And later on, we will showcase email templates, that are guaranteed to convert because they have done exactly that when we have tested them.

What is Cold Outreach, and How Can it Help You? 

Yes, cold outreach sounds like quite a daunting practice at first. It requires you to get contacts over email, interact with a complete stranger, and engage them in a conversation that has the purpose of generating business. You can find anyone’s email, phone number via SignalHire. It is an amazing tool that should be in your arsenal if you want to pursue cold outreach.

Let us do a little exercise. Let’s imagine that we own and manage a cleaning company that is designed for commercial use. In order to improve the client count, we have decided that it would be a good idea to look for all business within our city and email them a collaboration intent. None of the companies within our cities have expressed interest prior to receiving the said email.

This is, by no means, a concept that has just started to creep up on marketing. It was just much harder to pull off before technology has evolved. Similar to the strategy we have presented above, you could search for people within your niche and send out a cold outreach email. If you do not know how to do that, you’ll be pleased to know that you can find email addresses anywhere instantly by name.

Why is Cold Outreach A Beneficial Strategy? 

Yes, anyone can browse the Internet and stumble upon an email address. The question is, what purpose does the person have behind trying to find such emails? Well, it is pretty simple – it works. Not only does it work, but it can create a business out of thin air without investing in marketing campaigns. And you can expect the increment to happen within a short timeframe. Another valid approach is combining social media and email, and you should look into it.

Inbound marketing is another approach that has seen great results in recent years. It is obviously highly effective to be able to set up a system that will bring leads directly to your company. This means that you won’t need to do the chasing yourself, and you can just wait patiently for business to walk through the door. However, inbound marketing is very time-sensitive, and only when a brand has a certain awareness within its niche, you can expect it to grow organically.

All you need to focus on is creating a great email and distribute it to as many relevant entities as possible. If you do your homework and take time to tweak, your email results can show up within several days. The situation is different about Inbound marketing that sometimes can take years.

B2B Sales Email Template 

Since we have touched on what cold outreach is and how it can benefit you with establishing verified contact, it is only logical that we provide an example that can be your starting point. We strongly suggest that you tweak it to better suit your niche and the clients you are targeting. For getting out the door and snatching a few customers, you could actually use it. Customizing will take it to the next level, and you can expect your lead generation to improve greatly.

The Helpful Approach 

It’s called a helpful approach because it masks your intention with a suggestion that is meant to aid the customer without them needing any assistance from you. If you provide quality information and advice, they will come back for more. This way, you do not show your intentions straight from the gate, and instead, show yourself as an entity that is willing to assist without having an ulterior motive. This grows trust, and the lead can be converted organically. Check out our example of a helpful approach.


Subject Line: Idea to < Value you can provide immediately>

Hi <first name>,

I want to share an idea that was very useful to <Other client>. (Describe the result that was achieved using the said idea). The concept is incredibly simple yet highly effective when it comes to generating amazing results.

When can we schedule a call so that I can tell you more about it?


<Your full name>

Why does it work?

What makes this email template effective? One of the most important aspects is the fact that it gets straight to the point without boring the possible client with a long-winded email. You are not forcing them in any shape or form, nor do you mention any products. The only thing you are doing is actually offering to lend a helping hand.

A B2B cold email that does not provide an obvious value can be discarded right away because it will never be able to convert. The template does not end abruptly without giving the lead a reason to message you back if they are interested. This is a very important aspect because people generally do not take the initiative but are more than willing to follow through if given the green light.

It is very important that your emails end with a question. People are very simple creatures that have grown up with the concept of a question deeply ingrained within our thinking pattern. It is our nature to attempt to provide an answer to each and every question we are addressed.

Get out There and Send Cold Outreach Emails

A template is all you need to get going. It also helps if you have understood the strategy that should be implemented when sending such emails. Each and every word in the email template can be changed, and it will have an immediate impact on the results.

You have absolutely no reason not to start sending emails right away. If you are actively trying to improve your business by adding a few more clients, then this approach cannot fail you. Make sure your timing is correct so that the messages do not get lost within the inbox. Avoid long emails because people will just look away if the estimated time required to complete reading the email will exceed their allotted time. Whenever you receive a reply, make sure that you have already considered what to send back as soon as possible. Good luck!