HOLLYWOOD—We haven’t discussed the rumblings on the ABC soap “General Hospital” for quite some time. To be honest, things have been slightly slow moving in the narrative department, but it now seems things are heating up as November sweeps are less than a week away. Yep, that big Jason reveal is on the cusp, but it’s baby bombshells that are moving the narrative in unexpected directions.

For starters, Sabrina has learned that she is preggers. While it may seem obvious that Michael Corinthos is the baby daddy, it’s not that simple. There is a possibility that the bun in the oven could be her ex Carlos Rivera’s, who was found dead in the pier. Yep, the writers played with the idea that Carlos might still be around, after Dillion and Maxie discovered the horrific scene.

While the authorities are looking to point the finger at Michael or someone from Sonny’s organization for the murder, viewers are well aware that Anna Devane fatally shot the mobster. I mean can anyone blame her? This was the guy who killed Duke on Julian’s demand. I hate to say it, but Anna was justified in taking out the bad guy. Anna is starting to lose it as she continues to see visions of Carlos, not to mention the new District Attorney Paul Hornsby is well aware that Anna killed Carlos after getting that confession from Kyle Sloane who has been taken out by Paul.

With sweeps right around the corner, I’m certain Anna’s secret will come to the surface, not to mention that Paul’s behind the scenes shenanigans will surface. That is not the only baby news that is rocking Port Charles. Olivia waltzed back into town with baby Leo in tow. Did this woman seriously think no one would notice that she has a child so quickly after her son ‘died’ under suspicious circumstances?

I mean I was almost certain Julian would recognize his son after starring at him. Well he didn’t, but his flame Alexis did. She broke the news to Julian who was raving mad. I mean Olivia had to know that keeping a child from his father is not a good idea. I mean Alexis tried to do this with Sonny, Olivia did so with Dante and look how that turned out. Not so well I might say. We can expect a custody battle to ignite, but considering Julian’s past employment plans, he might have an uphill battle for custody, but with Alexis by his side he might be able to secure a victory.

The mob war is still brewing thanks to Ava, dropping a few white lies that are certain to blow up in her face. First, she found a way to escape her murder rap when the tape recording admitting her guilt to Connie Falconeri’s murder vanished. Paul has it, but I have a feeling someone will soon steal that ammunition from him, perhaps a Cassadine will hold the reigns. I mean we haven’t seen Helena in quite some time, so she’s due for a nefarious return.

To make matters worse, Ava now has custody of baby Avery while Sonny does all in his power to recover from being shot and partially paralyzed. Ava better watch out, cause Carly has just married her one true love for the fifth time and will be out for vengeance. Ava is in a good spot, but her daughter Kiki is not so forgiving to her backstabbing mother. I think this is perfect narrative for that storyline rumor that has been running rampant that Kiki is actually Nina’s long lost daughter. It would not surprise me one single bit if that happened to surface, it would be retribution for Nina and a welcome consequence for Ava who has been guilty of all things evil.

If those baby bombshells weren’t enough, Lulu and Dante are hoping to conceive again, just as is-she-or-isn’t-she news of Valerie being pregnant continues to poke at the viewers. We know she slept with Dante, but if she was indeed pregnant I’d think that bombshell would have surfaced by this point. All that I can say is the month of October has been baby crazy on “General Hospital.”

So we can expect the month of November to be all about Jake Doe aka Jason Morgan because the reveal is coming, and God, I hope it is epic in every possible way. Elizabeth and Nikolas better watch out, because an epic explosion is coming their way and they might not recover from the flames.