HOLLYWOOD—So the big secret is out of the bag on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” We now know who the father of Steffy’s bundle of joy is. Are you surprised with the outcome because I’ll be honest I am not. I knew I knew the writers were going to head down this path of making Liam the father of Steffy’s child because it just opens the door for so much more storytelling and drama people.

However, it is so obvious that there may have been some tampering with the paternity results it is not funny America. How so? Thomas has been inserting himself a bit too much in Liam and Hope’s marriage and his pal Vinny suddenly makes a return. I mean Vinny is no saint people, remember it still has not been revealed that Thomas drugged Liam leading to him sleeping with Steffy the first time he betrayed Hope’s trust. I wonder how Hope will feel if that little nugget came to light people.

So Hope is heartbroken and it looks like Liam and Hope’s love affair is over, at least for now, Steffy is a wreck and it’s the perfect opportunity for Jacqueline MacInnes Wood to take her maternity leave as the actress is pregnant in real life people. Looks like Finn might be exiting the canvas with Steffy for the time being.. So the question that has to be asked is when the audience will get the confirmation the results were toyed with and the fact that Finn is the actual father of Steffy’s bundle of joy.

Hmm, I’m guessing we might learn that truth in a few months, hopefully no later than November Sweeps 2021. It will indeed be interesting to see how Thomas responds to this news and what angle he takes. Will he finally get the opportunity to be with the woman he has obsessed over for years and if he keeps the secret, he’ll just prove to everyone including Liam that Thomas never changed he just got better at hiding things.

The other drama we have to discuss is the fallout of Carter learning from Ridge that Zoe and Zende have been up to no good. Yes, Ridge shared that information with his pal who was not pleased to say the least. It was great to see the writers actually give Carter some juicy content to play with. We actually saw some rage from Carter and it was exciting to watch. Zoe could do nothing, but deny, which only made Carter more livid.

She took that rage and directed it at Paris. Paris was dumbfounded by her sister’s rage, and she should be. Why? Zoe is totally responsible for everything that transpired. Had she just focused on being with the guy who proposed to her instead of flirting with his best friend, she would not be in this predicament. Zoe felt Carter’s wrath last week, this week it was time for Zende to be in the hot seat and rightfully so people.

I feel like something could be brewing with Paris and Carter, don’t ask me why, but I have that gut feeling that I just cannot shake America and trust me I have tried. It might be the thing that pushes Zoe and Zende together. As relationships are tested, one that has been tested time and time again will be tested again with Brooke and Ridge as they deal with the fallout of the Steffy and Liam tryst.

The couple should be on solid ground, but we all know Brooke will not be able to contain her annoyance with the result, just as it appears Bill and Katie might be headed towards a third, yes you hear me THIRD reconciliation. Let’s hope it happens, if not it would NOT be a bad idea to introduce another love interest for Katie. I mean they did that with Thorne who was last portrayed by Ingo Rademacher, who is busy as Jasper Jacks on “General Hospital.” I do want to see more chaos though people, it is February Sweeps, things should be more chaotic on “The Bold and the Beautiful” right now!