HOLLYWOOD—Well we all knew this day would come, but it looks like the Avant sisters and the Avant family is about to be torn apart people. Why? Well, Nicole who sacrificed so much for her sister, Maya and her husband Rick by giving them a child has discovered her chances of conceiving her own child are not looking too great people.

Nicole and Zende, who recently got married, want to start a family, but after a visit to the doctor, Nicole got news that she never expected, which in my opinion is a game changer for several reasons. For starters, Lizzy, the baby that Nicole carried for Maya and Rick is Nicole’s daughter as her egg was used to in the conception. So Nicole has the opportunity to claim a stake in the child if she is unable to conceive a child to term because of fertility limitations.

But leave it to good on Bill to place doubts in Rick and Maya’s mind about Nicole watching Lizzie while they travel to Paris. I mean Bill does have a point; Nicole is biologically speaking Lizzie’s mother by all accounts. I always found it odd that Nicole had a minor attachment to Lizzie, but those feelings are suddenly front-and-center now that the thought of another child seems improbable. Now that the prognosis is in, things are changing and Nicole is getting more and more attached to the little tot.

To make matters worse, Zende is in the midst of a career explosion after being offered a design gig by Ridge after the great Forrester was forced to fire Thomas for his shenanigans with Sally Spectra. As they say, one person’s fall is another person’s rise to power. Zende seemed positive with the prospect that regardless of the doctor’s bombshell, they will still get that opportunity to start a family. However, Julius has echoed to his wife Vivienne how he always suspected Nicole carrying Maya and Rick’s baby to be a major mistake from the start. Oh, don’t we all know how much Julius loves to be right.

Even after that second opinion, things are not looking good for Nicole and Zende in terms of starting their own family. Which means I expect the younger sister to retort back to her old ways when she first arrived to Los Angeles; Nicole was not as innocent as she appears, and she can indeed be a firecracker people. We could see a custody battle brewing between sisters that could get quite messy to say the least, and at the root of this battle is little Lizzie.

In other “Bold and Beautiful” news, Brooke and Bill are now happily married, but I question how long that will last. Why? Well, Ridge hasn’t given up just yet, and there is that big elephant in the room pertaining to the secret affair between Quinn and Ridge, which only Katie, Ivy and Brooke are aware of. I thought this might be unearthed during May sweeps, but it appears the powers that will be are going to drag this big secret until November sweeps I surmise. With that being said, Quinn is still on edge as Katie continues to poke at her nemesis to get what she wants. To be honest, I’m enjoying every single moment of it.

Of course, the other big tale of the hour is the burgeoning relationships between Sally and Thomas, hmm, have we coined a name yet? How about ‘Salmas’ or ‘Thomlly?’ Sally has finally acknowledged her feelings for Thomas, I mean that is the least she could do after what Thomas sacrificed to be with her. To make matters worse, Thomas was fired from Forrester Creations by his father. Yeah, that one has to sting a bit, but let’s not forget that Thomas has a designer’s touch. So after a conversation between, Eric, Ridge and Steffy the trio agree that Thomas needs to be back at the company, however, Thomas is a bit stubborn and does not like to be screwed over, and has decided to join forces with Sally at Spectra Fashions. Cue the fireworks people!

This situation was created thanks to Bill Specter. Bill might be on cloud nine right now, but remember NO ONE stays on top forever people. While May sweeps did not have explosive action on “The Bold and the Beautiful” the slow simmers are indeed proving to be indulging for viewers.