DOUGLAS, Isle of Man—June 15, one-year-old Emily, thinks her name is “Alexa” after months of hearing her parents, Andy and Charlotte Moultrie call for a popular Amazon smart device that responds to “Hey Alexa.”

Mom, Charlotte Moultrie was strolling Emily down the street while baby, Emily was hanging out in her pink stroller, wearing pin striped blue over-alls, high white socks and blue moccasins when her mom called on her.

Moultrie, said on camera while laughing, “We’ve got a slight problem here” as she tried to get her daughter’s attention only to be disregarded when she called her by her actual name.

“Emily, Emily, Alexa!”

With a pacifier in her mouth,  taking in her surroundings, Emily, ignored her birth name, and looked up when she heard her mom say, “Alexa!”

Moultrie responded, “No your name’s Emily, not Alexa! Oh no, what are we going to do?”


The video that was posted to social media app, TikTok on June 15 has 1.4 million views, 240.5k likes, 3,367 comments and 22.2k shares.

Some TikTok users comments on the video:

“It could be worse. It could be ‘google.”

“Emily has ‘CHOSEN'”

“This video just set my Alexa off lol”

Moultrie has many other videos of the adorable baby posted to her TikTok account. Visit her page @mamamoultrie to see more.