HOLLYWOOD—Week three of “Bachelor In Paradise” presented the remaining 16 contenders with a series of unexpected obstacles, further proving that this season is the most unpredictable in “BIP” history.

Week three, night one picked up right from where week two, night two left off; Evan—who is newly heartbroken—makes an impromptu plea for the heart of a taken bachelorette: Amanda – which is very bold, since she’s evidently off the market and out of his league. Evan invites her to the treehouse, where he spills his heart and she lets him down gently; she’s honest in terms of her feelings for Josh and tells Evan, “I just want to focus on that relationship.”

Heading into the second rose ceremony, the seven remaining bachelorettes have the upper-hand and nine nervous bachelors scramble during the cocktail party to lock in a rose.

Sarah—a “Paradise” vet—finds herself entangled in an unexpected love triangle and torn between two bachelors: Christian, who extended her his date card during week two and wowed her with his confidence and chivalry, or Daniel, who peaks her interest with his quirk and dry humor.

Haley, who went on a date with Brandon last week, contemplates whether or not their relationship is worth pursuing further; Evan, amid his recent rejection, pulls Amanda aside—again—and forewarns her about the verbal abuse claims against Josh in his ex-fiancée and former “Bachelorette,” Andi Dorfman’s, bestselling tell-all memoir, It’s Not Okay, which prompts Amanda to reassess her relationship.

The cocktail party ended upon several cliffhangers, rendering a very unpredictable rose ceremony, where two bachelors face elimination.

Lace gave her rose to her episode-one flame, Grant; and Izzy to hers, Vinny. Emily gave her rose to potential love interest, Jared; Amanda—overlooking her cast mates’ warnings—gave her rose to Josh; Sarah gave her rose to Daniel – ultimately saying goodbye to Christian; Carly gave hers to Evan, but says it’s strictly “platonic;” and Haley breaks off her brief romance with Brandon and rescues a friend instead, giving her rose to Nick.

Relationships proceed to blossom the morning after the rose-ceremony when a new bachelorette arrives with a date card: Caila Quinn, 24, a Software Sales Rep. from Hudson, OH and “The Bachelor” season 20 (Ben). Jared is captivated by Caila – which is uncommon for the typically passive bachelor. Lucky for him, the attraction is mutual and Caila invites him to accompany her on the date; he accepts—without hesitation—and breaks things off with Emily to pursue his intuition.

Two day-one couples are invited on the first-ever double-date in “Bachelor in Paradise” history; Lace, Grant, Izzy and Vinny hit the town for tequila shots and some much needed down time. Meanwhile, two bachelorettes have a similar thought; Carly and Sarah invite their potential love interests, Evan and Daniel, over for an evening of drinking and games and Evan goes to drastic measures to win back his former fling, Carly. Evan’s desperation is oddly endearing and Carly is inevitably “back on the Evan train.”

Everything is going swimmingly for the four happy made-in-Paradise pairs (Lace and Grant; Izzy and Vinny; Amanda and Josh; Jared and Caila) when a “Paradise” vet with explosive tendencies arrives and shatters that notion. Ashley Iaconetti, 28, a Freelance Journalist from Great Falls, VA and “The Bachelor” season 19 (Chris), arrives with a date card and her jealous inclinations pose an imminent threat to Jared’s relationship with Caila.

Night two kicks off and is centered primarily around the train-wreck that is “Hurricane Ashely.” She vows to only cry three times throughout her stay – which proves to be false in a matter of hours. She uses up one cry immediately, when she arrives to find Jared—her love interest from “Paradise” last season—hitting it off with the bubbly and beautiful brunette, Caila. Throughout the remainder of the episode, Ashley demonstrates a medley of obsession, infatuation and desperation in her efforts to win back Jared – which he explains himself, are hopeless. Since Jared denies her advances, Ashley invites Daniel on her date and “tries” to have a good time.

Another new bachelorette arrives and her presence excites Nick – for the first time in a long time. Jen Saviano, 25, a small business owner from Fort Lauderdale, FL and season 20 of “The Bachelor” (Ben), arrives with a date card and hits it off with Nick – who hasn’t made a connection since his short-lived romance with Amanda. Jen invites Nick to accompany her on the date and he accepts; they spend the day on yacht and sparky fly when share a kiss on the beach.

“Bachelor In Paradise” airs Monday and Tuesday on ABC at 8 p.m., where more surprises will unravel.