UNITED STATES—I have been actively working to control my emotions as of late. The one thing that I am absolutely not entertaining anymore is people with bad energy. I am over it and sick and tired of it. If someone is coming into my orbit with bad energy I am immediately removing myself from the situation and away from that individual. Why?

I’m tired, I don’t need it nor do I want it America. I just don’t understand why so many people kickoff their day discussing everything negative in the world or their lives. It gets to the point where, I’m like “Jeez, you’re fueled by negative or bad energy!” It propels you day, it gets your energy going and to be honest it is sick and twisted, but guess what I know people like that all too well. They will bluntly say all I know is negative energy so guess what it is how I kick off my day.

It just feels like the world is engulfed in negative energy. Not just the crazy high gas prices, the constant growth of inflation, but the political sphere at its absolute worse. I cannot wait till November 9, 2022, because I won’t have to see another political ad. Jesus, after damn ad is negative, I cannot recall ONE positive political ad I have seen in the past 2-3 months that wasn’t about brutally breaking apart their opponents. Why do we always focus on the bad? Is it just part of our psyche, do we like to fuel the bad energy of others to create a domino effect, are we able not to see the good even in the midst of the bad?

Those are just questions I want answers to, but it seems you cannot get a clear one from people. They either refuse to acknowledge it or they just don’t see what I’m seeing. If you’re having a bad day at work, which we’re all likely to have at points, guess what: take a sick day, take a personal holiday allow yourself to have what has been deemed nowadays: a mental health day.

You just need it at times from work. Who the hell works nonstop without a bit of a breather especially when you have so much hate and bad energy circling your daily orbit? People get upset when you tell them point blank, you’re negative and unfortunately at this point in my life I cannot be around that. I don’t want someone bringing down my spirit or high because they’re in a foul or nasty mood. Guess what sleep it off if possible. Punch a pillow, scream, shout, yell, do something, but release that pent up anger and frustration so it doesn’t spill out onto other people who become your punching bag because you have no other outlook for your pent up energy.

Of course, life is not going to be butterflies and sunshine all the time, but trust even in your darkest days you will find solace and find light at the end of the tunnel, it just boils down to rather you want to see that positive light, positive energy or positive aura exploding around you. There is a saying many of us might be familiar with, “Misery loves company.” Well in my orbit, if you’re miserable, you’ll be staying away from me people. I don’t want you in my orbit and I’m not going to allow you to enter that orbit. You might not think this, but its way harder to be negative than it is to be positive. Sleep on that a bit America.

Written By Jason Jones