HOLLYWOOD—Since Friday, March 5, the Los Angeles City Council has called for a ban on mobile advertising trailers. Recent efforts have been made in the past month by two California legislators according to banbillboards.org. Councilman Dennis Zine has been calling them “blight on the community.”

The AB2756 bill states, “Not only are mobile billboards a visual blight, but they pose a significant safety hazard when motorists are forced to veer around them into the next lane of traffic. Mobile billboards also reduce available on-street parking and impair the visibility of pedestrians and drivers.”

On the banbillboards.org Web site, there are pictures of mobile advertising trailers that are located all over the greater Los Angeles area, especially Hollywood. Concerns have been raised particularly because the signs are very distracting and it is hard for anyone commuting. As it is, Los Angeles is a congested city with pollution and traffic.

Since the motion has been made by two councilmen, Paul Koretz and Bill Rosendahl on September 1, 2008, so far there are no recent updates on this bill. In San Francisco, a ban on mobile advertising trailers has already been in place.