WEST HOLLYWOOD—Swedish electro-dance band Dada Life donated 2,500 bananas to the SOVA Metro Food Bank on May 19.

Lisa Wiley, assistant pantry manager at the Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles’ SOVA Community Food and Resource Program, described the unexpected gesture as “absolutely fantastic” to the Los Angeles Daily News.

Dada Life, formed in 2006 by Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom, was named after the avant-garde 20th century art movement Dadaism, which challenged conventional notions of what art was.

Dada Life has always pushed the boundaries of what a musical group is capable of. On their website Dada Land, they urge fans to “display your civic pride by becoming a citizen of Dada Land!” Fans can do this by completing missions “Bananageddon”—that is, getting 50 people dressed in banana suits to “take over a historical landmark.” Once they’ve accrued enough points, fans are eligible to win a Dada Land passport, which grants them “the right to attend any Dada Life show, anywhere in the world and entirely free of charge, for life!”

Their shows involve more than playing music. In 2013, at a Dada Land Compound event in Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom, Dada Life set a new Guinness World Record for world’s largest pillow fight. They had 3,813 participants.

Cornéer and Engblom are planning to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people dressed in banana suits at their upcoming July 18 concert at Devore’s San Manuel Amphitheater.