BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills City Council agreed upon a draft ordinance on Tuesday, May 7, that would prohibit the sale of tobacco products in Beverly Hills as of January 1, 2021. If passed, Beverly Hills would be the first to have a city-wide ban on the sale of tobacco.

This decision was influenced by public input on tobacco and recommendations from the city’s Health and Safety Commission on smoking in public. Under the proposed ordinance, cigar lounges would be exempt and hotels will only be able to sell tobacco products through concierge services. All gas stations, convenient stores, newsstands, and pharmacies will not be able to sell tobacco products starting January 1, 2021.

Mayor John Mirisch said in a press release that the ordinance, “Reflects the values of our community. We are a City that has taken the lead on restricting smoking and promoting public health. Somebody has to be the first, so let it be us.”

These new restrictions on the sale of tobacco differ from the allowed usage in public. Current areas where smoking is permitted in Beverly Hills are at private smoker lounges, designated hotel or motel areas, moving vehicles without minors, single family residences, and designated smoking areas of private businesses and at outdoor public events. Sidewalks, streets, and alleyways are all permitted smoking areas as long as one is actively traveling in Beverly Hills.

A caregiver at Sunrise, Beverly Hills shared her opinion on smoking with Canyon News.

“I don’t really care, they’re people too to enjoy want they love. Seems like it has gone so far that they are treated as if they’re criminals. As long as they don’t smoke in non-smoking areas, I’m good.”

The first reading of the ordinance will be on Tuesday, May 21, with a second reading and final vote held on June 4.

The city of Beverly Hills was awarded an “A” grade for overall tobacco control by the American Lung Association. The city of Beverly Hills is conducting a survey to inform the city of what residents experiences are with second hand smoke. To participate in the survey visit: