BEVERLY HILLS—Barney’s New York has agreed to sell Beboe cannabis accessories. The promotion is set to launch in March 2019. The luxury brand will stock cannabis products, including rolling papers, pipes, and storage boxes.

Barneys is not licensed to sell cannabis, but will redirect store visitors to Beboe’s webpage for edibles, vape pens, and other related items. Barney’s Creative Director Matthew Muzzucca stated: “Our brand really looks at creating dialogue and focusing on cultural shifts.” The initiative is designed to help drive more foot traffic to the company.

A 2017 analytics study conducted by Retail Dive reported that for the U.S., in comparison, department apparel sales has gradually decreased, while online shopping has increased; with social media impacting the way consumers search for products.

Beboe is a natural cultivated cannabis with locations in Colorado and California. The company moved to Los Angeles for its popularity in cannabis users, legality and culture.