HOLLYWOOD─Who would have ever expected the final week of February Sweeps to be the most entertaining on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless?” I didn’t, if anything I thought the soap had been seriously lacking in the drama department compared to “Days of Our Lives,” “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “General Hospital.” However, it took the Newman Enterprises gala to cause all sorts of fireworks to erupt.

First and foremost, Victoria was stabbed at the gala courtesy of Ripley, Amanda’s crazy ex. Of course, we all knew Victoria would survive, but first the writer’s placed her in a coma to worry the Newman family. Victoria of course survived, but she’s not fully up to her best self to run the company empire. Cue the rivalry that is brewing between Nick and Adam Newman. Adam wants to run the company, while Nick wants to do all in his power to prevent that from happening.

Nick has NEVER really wanted to run the company, but has stepped up when needed. Adam has always wanted to hold the reigns of the company, but he’s committed so many dastardly deeds, like nearly killing his father, the thought of Victor considering him in charge of his baby baffles me. So Adam already won the battle against Nick to win Chelsea’s heart, and considering she knows about the person he killed and still stood by his side says everything.

Adam has another problem; Phyllis has that information and is using it as a major leverage against Abby, Chelsea, Chance and Adam. Yes, Phyllis who was once the town pariah is a major power player people. So much to the point that she has not regained control of the Grand Phoenix Hotel, much to Abby’s dismay. Abby has plans, but Abby does not scream devious when I think of her. Thankfully, she has Chance on her side, who has hired Kevin to utilize his IT skills to get his hands on those recordings.

Hmm, Kevin going toe-to-toe with Phyllis is not a good idea, considering you were responsible for kidnapping her not too long ago. I’m sure Phyllis hasn’t forgotten that and considering you have a baby on the way; it might be a wise idea to try to stay out of trouble. In other Genoa City news, Kyle and Summer are living on a high, but I expect things to crash very soon, once Kyle sees Lola with his nemesis Theo. Yeah, talk about family rivalry, these guys just despise one another. Billy wants to be loyal to Victoria, but can’t resist that attraction he has to Amanda. With Ripley in police custody, I can see Billy and Amanda getting closer people. In a storyline that never went anywhere, Devon finally got his hands on that fortune of his that was stolen courtesy of Colin.

The writers better do something with Nate, Elena and Devon, are we might as well say farewell to the characters. Things have heated up for Mariah though, but not in the best way. Her relationship with Tessa has been strained since she has been on tour with Tanner. Mariah has been lonely, but it’s no secret she has been getting close to Lindsay who has been a listening ear. Well, the duo took their relationship to the next level, and was busted when Tessa arrived to find the duo naked on the couch. Yeah, Mariah, you have some explaining to do, too bad Tessa didn’t want to hear any of it.

It is a bit hypocritical if you ask me considering how many times that Tessa has lied or screwed Mariah over with her misdeeds or secrets. Not saying its karma, but its karma people. A storm is brewing in GC and as a result it was the catalyst for the next stage drama for our residents.