WOODLAND HILLS—According to Los Angeles Police Officer, Lizeth Lomeli, vandals shot 19 small business windows within a 5-mile radius on Ventura Boulevard and Tampa on Wednesday, July 7 at 4 a.m. in area of Tarzana.

Business owners and employees arrived to find their front doors and windows broken and immediately started sweeping and boarding up the windows. Some businesses vandalized included Chase Bank, Knauer Pianos, The Carving Board, Excitement Adult Store, AGWC Rockin’ Rescue, and Mi Casa Lighting and Fans.

According to LAPD Officer J. Chaves, “We don’t know the extent of the damage yet.”

Several of the businesses have security cameras and investigators are reviewing the footage to identify the suspect. Authorities believe there could be more than one suspect involved in the vandalism.

In 2020, during the Thanksgiving holiday, a similar incident occurred in the same vicinity where vandals shot out storefront windows of multiple businesses.

There were no reports that the incidents are connected. No injuries or fatalities have been reported as a result of the incidents.

Authorities are asking anyone with information to come forward by calling at 818-756-4800.

Written By Anita Brown and Mary Kathryn Grill