MALIBU—The Los Angeles Department of Public Health and Malibu city officials are warning citizens ahead of Memorial Day weekend. The concern rises as beachgoers in Malibu and throughout the county failed to abide by the guidelines stipulated by the county. 

KBUU radio station manager Hans Laetz provided first hand account of violations being committed during last weekend in Malibu. At Zuma Beach, “Seventy to ninety percent” of people “ignored” wearing masks, whereas Broad Beach was at least as crowded as 4th of July weekend, Laetz said. 

Malibu City Manager Reva Feldman told the station on Tuesday, May 19 that there was a lack of law enforcement in the area given the unusually high number of people who turned up to the beaches. 

“Having our beach lots closed impacted us considerably,” said Feldman. “So I think it was kind of a losing battle for law enforcement this weekend with the number of people who were in town.”

The number of new cases in the county saw significant spikes this week. On Monday, May 18, 477 new cases were registered, according to the LA County of Public Health. On May 19, 1,183 new cases were registered — 1,324 new cases on May 20, and 1,204 cases on May 21.

“I want to remind folks that gatherings and events of any kind are nor permitted,” said LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer during a press conference on Tuesday. “Unfortunately, there have been recent parties and gatherings that did result in a number of newly infected people.”

Feldman added that enforcement will be increased over the holiday weekend, as it normally does. 

“It is a tough situation with 21 miles of coastline,” Feldman added, noting that enforcement will be increased this holiday weekend.

“So hopefully moving forward we are going to see more presence of the deputies on the beach and in the beach areas. I’ve asked for additional enforcement from the sheriff’s department with extra bodies for this weekend as well,” added Feldman.