HOLLYWOOD—I called it last week that Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” would reign supreme after taking in a record-shattering $170 million plus during its opening weekend, and I was right. The live-action version of the Disney classic, held its grip at the box-office earning just over $88 million in its second weekend.

So far the film has amassed $300 million domestically, and over $700 million at the global box-office. I suspect the movie to reign supreme for a third consecutive weekend, but I will admit “The Boss Baby” starring Alex Baldwin could give it a run for its money.

Now, I was totally surprised by the turn out for the latest installment in the 1990s cartoon classic, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” The rebirth or remake, “Power Rangers” earned an impressive $40.5 million plus at the box-office to land in second place. I’m guessing the millennials including myself turned out in big numbers to bring back a bit of nostalgia to their lives.

Nabbing third place was “Kong: Skull Island” with $14.4 million, and the sci-fi thriller “Life” landed in fourth place with $12.6 million. Not the biggest opening for a space expedition with big names like Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds, but hopefully word of mouth will help the film, which is entertaining as hell. Rounding out the top five was “Logan” with around $10 million. No good news for the big screen adaptation of the TV classic “CHiPs” which only earned $7.6 million during its debut weekend.

This weekend sees the release of animated feature “The Boss Baby” and Scarlett Johansson in another sci-fi action adventure in “Ghost in the Shell.” Suspect “Beauty and the Beast” to stay on top, but “The Boss Baby” might be a formidable foe people.