UNITED STATES—To tell a lie or to tell the truth, it’s not the easiest predicament to be placed in. Sometimes you just have to be honest even though you know it will get you in trouble sometimes. However, does being truthful all the time paint a picture of a person that may not always be accurate? Hmm, I’d like to say yes. This is an ongoing debate I have time and time again with plenty of people.

Just because someone asks you for the truth does not mean you have to deliver it without a softer blow. I’m certain you know people just like I do, who want to always be the voice of reason; that person who deems themselves the ‘truth-talker.’ There is one slight problem with that person: they fail to realize it’s not really being truthful, it’s more like you’re being an a**!

The truth is vital when you are constantly running into situations where a person’s ‘issues’ tend to impact your everyday life. I’ll be honest and I’ve discussed this issue in the past, it seems everyone in my family looks at me as the bank of America. Yes, I’m good at saving money, and that comes as a direct result of encountering trying times as a young adult in college. I never want to be placed in a situation where I am unable to get myself out of a financial situation.

However, I don’t want to run into a situation where every single week someone is asking me for money. It’s more a mental stress you have to encounter versus just saying yes or no. Some occasions I’ve just flat out lied because I’m so sick and tired of dealing with the issue. However, guilt then eats away at me and I still cave in. Is it because I have such a generous heart it’s nearly impossible for me to say no?

I sometimes wonder, but at other times I know if it’s something I don’t want to entertain I can easily ensure things go my way. However, this week I think I had finally reached my boiling point with my little brother. I mean this is a kid who seems to fail to realize in life nothing is delivered to you on a silver platter and if you don’t work for it, you will never have it. It is one thing to ask someone for money on occasion, but to make it a trend EVERY single week with no intent to pay back is beyond exhausting people.

I delivered a dose of truth that I suspect he didn’t’ intend to hear or want to hear. When you take from me, it prevents me from getting things I need to get done. It’s not my job to ensure you can have money in your pocket because you choose to do other things and not plan for the future. He didn’t like my response, one single bit, but when you sense you are being used time and time again, at some point you will deliver a harsh dose of the truth that not many expected.

I’m not a believer of lying, but I would be a hypocrite to say I don’t lie. We all lie, but a lot of the time I think some of us have good intent behind the lie. However, if you’re trying to be a role model to your children, delivering the truth is the best approach, but while you don’t have to always soften the blow, you don’t have to a rude, disrespectful, pompous or arrogant you know what.