BEVERLY HILLS—Traffic will be restricted during the scheduled working hours of Tuesday, September 29 through Thursday, October 1 from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Benedict Canyon Drive, Clear View Drive, and bordering city limits south of Delresto Drive. The public is advised to use Beverly Glen Boulevard or other alternate route during resurfacing hours.

The city of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services will Cold Plane and resurface the streets. Cold Planing is the controlled removal of the existing pavement through the use of specially designed milling equipment to restore the pavement surface. Cold Planing can be used to remove part or all of the existing pavement layers. Pavement restoration processes result from:

• Removal of deteriorated, stripped or aged asphalt
• Poor ride quality caused by swells, bumps, sags, and depressions
• Potential bonding problems between existing pavement and new HMA overlay

The Bureau of Street Services, also known as StreetsLA, is part of the Department of Public Works responsible for preserving, protecting, maintaining, and renewing the city of Los Angeles’ street networks and urban forests.