UNITED STATES—The East Coast is home to some of the most iconic strains like the NYC Diesel and the East Coast Cookies, and probably one of the best places to get unique strains. Due to the ideal great conditions, you can grow your own outdoor cannabis and get excellent results, it’s just a matter of starting with the right genetics. So here’s a list of the best weed seeds to grow outdoors on the eastern US.

1. Ak-47

The one-hit wonder! This multiple award-winning strain really packs a punch. Not only offers high THC levels but a fair amount of CBD that makes the potent high even stronger, allowing you to do your everyday chores without thinking twice. Despite the potent effect, this strain offers a really delicate, sweet, and flowery aroma that will charm your taste buds.

2. Stardawg

The infamous Stardawg offers an extremely potent and pungent chemical smell with a strong skunky, citrusy and grassy background that’ll have you reminiscing of the good old days. This variety offers a more Sativa-like effect that boosts your mood and gives you that extra energy you need to start your mornings with the right foot.

3. Blueberry

A must-try for terpheads as this strain tastes exactly like delicious ripe and juicy blueberries. The delicious fresh blueberry flavor comes hand-in-hand with a joyful and calming effect that helps alleviate pain and calm anxiety, the ideal strain for medicinal consumers.

4. Wedding Cake

A deliciously creamy smoke with a potent high that’ll let you experience what modern cannabis seeds have to offer. Expect beautiful sugary buds with an extremely sweet vanilla-like taste and a strong earthy and sour background, perfect for hash makers and extractors!

5. Cream Cookies

The renowned Cream Cookies offers a mouth-watering whipped cream or vanilla-like sweet flavor that resembles an ice cream sandwich. Thanks to the high THC levels, this strain will surely get you high as a kite and leave a huge smile on your face.

6. LSD

The LSD cannabis strain comes in with a very sedating yet almost psychedelic effect that’ll get rid of chronic pain and leave you extremely relaxed. This, in combination with the delicious bubblegum, piney, and berry flavor mix makes it the perfect choice for medical cannabis users.

7. Mimosa

Arising from the cross between two of the most flavorful strains, expect nothing more than deliciousness. Mimosa offers a tropical cocktail-like aroma that comes hand-in-hand with a happy and overall energetic high that’s perfect for those with chronic pain and appetite loss, definitely a daytime strain.

8. Grapefruit

A sweet and sour wonder that produces resin as much as it smells and tastes. Grapefruit offers a very relaxed and floaty high that gets you in a peaceful state of mind and wears off any worries, giving you that extra boost of energy you need to start your day with the right foot.

9. Chocolope

For the lovers of hot and creamy beverages. Chocolope will have you thinking you just went to a coffeehouse due to the distinctive sweet vanilla, dark chocolate, and coffee aroma and flavors that will make your taste buds as happy as they can be. You can expect a very focused and uplifting effect that allows you to go through a busy day of work without even blinking.

All of these strains will grow excellently on the East Coast and will produce top-shelf flowers in no time, just make sure to keep them well-fed and get ready to reap the rewards!